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Amaka Odunowo

Amaka Odunowo is a Personal and Family Life Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She has worked across sectors such as families, non-profits, schools, churches, and coaching organizations and has over ten years of experience. 

A certified IAC Masteries Practitioner™ and Life Coach, she supports busy professional women, wives, and mothers aged 35+, guiding them towards self-discovery, growth, and transformation. This results in improved experiences in their daily lives and homes, helping them live meaningful and beautiful lives and have strong homes!

Amaka is the founder of a faith-based organization and has had the honour of impacting over 2000 families, schools, churches, and parachurch organizations through her resources, classes, and programs.

In her past roles as a Support Coach with IMMERSE Coaching Company and Resident Mentor with The Visionary Compass Accelerator Program, she worked to bring about meaningful change in clients’ lives and help them achieve their goals.

Amaka is driven by the vision of raising a generation for God, with God and with God’s people. 

When she isn’t working, you’ll find her in a fiction book from the early 1900s or enjoying quality time with family/friends.

Amaka Odunowo is a wife and home-educating mother to three.

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