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Our Courses

These stand-alone short courses, intensives, masterclasses, coaching programs and bootcamps will turbo-charge your life to new levels of results and productivity. 

Experience mindset re-engineering and personal growth through our cutting-edge curriculum, taught by transformational catalyst and coach, Debola Deji-Kurunmi, as well as a faculty of other extraordinary thought-leaders. We combine our intuitive and easy-to-use learning platform with a community that keeps you going.



people have enrolled in one or more of these Courses since 2014.



Membership-based courses across all pathways

Are you a visionary woman who has people looking up to you and would not just want them to continually chase after you but want

The Future-Forward Female™ Blueprint is DDK’s original Comprehensive Greatness Manifesto – consisting of the 5 Power-Pillars of growth and mastery, required for every visionary woman

In this short course, DDK shows you how to build a vision that keeps you centered, authentic, and driven by the right intentions. Because when

In the Relationship Code, DDK coaches you on the 10 Relationships every visionary must have to step into their purpose. Using the acronym, GAMEPOWERS: you’d

Take a rounded view of your life, across 12 key dimensions of your human expression. Drawing from your core purpose, deepen insights about your life

Gain Mastery over your emotions by understanding your unique wiring, personality type, and triggers. Through this course, you’d stop being a victim of your emotions.

This course is for serious women who are desperate to make a significant shift from great goals to real results in their life! If you

Experience the amazing transformation of thinking new thoughts and elevating your belief system over and above the crippling effect of pressure, pain, or the past.


Select standalone, self-paced courses

At this Workshop, DDK shows you the profound Destiny Navigational System I’ve discovered and deployed, including Prophetic + Pragmatic Tools…

The Unbundling the Decade Coaching BootCamp will open you to SECRETS about the days ahead, and how to step into…

Visionary Blueprint is a 5-module course with Debola Deji-Kurunmi that takes you through navigating the inevitable visionary path.

This course, which is a part of the Unbundling the Decade Coaching Program, will equip you with a new appetite,…

This course, which is a part of the Unbundling the Decade Coaching Program, might be your greatest awakening! Here, DDK…

2023 is your Year of Phenomenal Power, Purpose and Prosperity, where we witness the activation, acceleration and ascension of seemingly…

Acceleration Intensive is a signature Personal Transformation Course, which delivers significant mindset reengineering that will challenge you at key levels…

Are you a visionary man seeking to achieve exponential results that will elevate the quality of your life? This signature…


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