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Coaching and Courses for Staff

Staff Courses

Our Coaching Courses and Bundles have been specially curated to fill in your growth gaps and elevate your capacity for peak performance at work!

At this Workshop, DDK shows you the profound Destiny Navigational System I’ve discovered and deployed, including Prophetic + Pragmatic Tools and Templates for each of

The Unbundling the Decade Coaching BootCamp will open you to SECRETS about the days ahead, and how to step into your Cutting Edge as you

Visionary Blueprint is a 5-module course with Debola Deji-Kurunmi that takes you through navigating the inevitable visionary path.

This course, which is a part of the Unbundling the Decade Coaching Program, will equip you with a new appetite, capacity, and system for acquiring

This course, which is a part of the Unbundling the Decade Coaching Program, might be your greatest awakening! Here, DDK will show you the true

2023 is your Year of Phenomenal Power, Purpose and Prosperity, where we witness the activation, acceleration and ascension of seemingly ordinary people who will achieve

Acceleration Intensive is a signature Personal Transformation Course, which delivers significant mindset reengineering that will challenge you at key levels of your being – emotionally,

Are you a visionary man seeking to achieve exponential results that will elevate the quality of your life? This signature men-only coaching bundle is what

Our Course Bundles

Visionary Leadership Bundle

The benefits of having individuals within an organization who can translate the vision into reality and rally a troop around it, cannot be overemphasized. This Visionary Leadership Bundle will give you direct access to some of the First-Class Leaders existing in this generation and provide you with their insights on Leadership, Vision Casting, Legacy Building, and lots more.

Self Mastery Bundle

This bundle is designed to help the organization identify areas of weakness that should be worked on, help your employees identify and function from a place of strength, boost employee confidence & communication, create a powerful personal brand that attracts potential clients to your company and increase employee participation and overall performance.

High Achiever Bundle

This bundle will significantly increase your employee productivity, equip them with the skills and framework needed to function efficiently and effectively, and increase your competitiveness and revenue generation in the marketplace. Expand your possibility and capacity to scale up with this bundle.

Genius Mind Bundle

Mental ill health is the third biggest reason for absence in the workplace, it affects overall productivity and employee engagement. This bundle is specially curated to boost employee moral & mind power, reduce employee turnover rate, increase level of productivity among staff, and ensure you develop a non-toxic work environment.


Our Vision

To build Africa by releasing the greatness in its visionaries, through transformational coaching that empowers everyday people to transform our continent for good.

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