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How’s Your Mindset Looking Like? || DDK

“How is your Mind Set?” This question is important because one of the most important positions you’d have to take in your life is around what you have come to believe. 

We’ve been handed perspectives, opinions, ideologies, conclusions, reasonings, and judgments for the longest time that we actually often don’t own our own thoughts or our own truths.

Many of the things we have come to hold dearly are not products of our own private encounters, keen observation, deep meditation or spiritual answers. 

Think about it. We don’t really have convictions on many issues in our lives, because well, we are mostly nodding a YES or NO to the thoughts and mentalities of those around us, or those before us. 

Even with spirituality, we’ve done the same. Our spiritual leaders have painted an image of God on the canvass of our hearts.

Those we look up to share stories of their sojourn and we sit around them in awe.

Wisdom must be learnt, and this is a gift. But we must also learn to “connect the dots backwards”, see what our own lives might be trying to teach us, and embrace mindsets that empower us for the future.

So if we are living life on the premise of our parent’s beliefs and acting out the mindsets they gave to us, why are we surprised that we are repeating their mistakes and patterns?

The first step toward retraining your mind to think new thoughts is to recognise that a mindset is a mind that is set. And that reconditioning your subconscious mind is a daily practice of replacing thoughts with thoughts. 

The first step I took in this direction, and I continue to come back to update – happened in 2007. I have done it again and again yearly, and it has redirected my whole life!!! 

I would ask myself in vivid terms “Paint a picture in words of the woman you’d be in ________ (input 2 – 3 years from the time of reflection). Describe her in graphic terms – her health, body, marriage, networth, global influence, spirituality, family etc.”

And then, I’d ask, “write out the kinds of thoughts I must think to become this woman.” This question often helped me determine how my mind should be changing in the right direction. 

Don’t try to understand your mindset by merely looking at your mind. Understand your mindset by looking at your life. Yep! Do it.

Look at your life, it is a clear print of your predominant mindset. And if there are areas today that you want to improve and grow the first investment is to start to think new thoughts. We have curated a list of resources for you to get on that investment journey! Do check them out right HERE!

See you soon!

Written by Debola Deji-Kurunmi

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  1. My life is a clear print of my predominant mindset….. Thought provoking and great for evaluation. This also speaks to me about solitude. Thanks PDDK

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