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The Miracle of Solitude

Life is whispering to you but are you listening? The hints that come to you daily about who you have become are more than ever screaming at you. But when you constantly stay plugged in, you never really get to hear yourself. 

The busy world we live in today does not allow people to disconnect from its busyness and stay in solitude. You have a goldmine to unearth. So sit with yourself in your quiet space and rediscover who you are and why you do the things you do. 

The big picture pops up right at you with questions on whose life you are truly living? Yours or that which was handed over to you through influence by those you considered role models while growing up? 

The life that you truly desire is already in you. But it requires you to dig deep so a channel can be created for it to flow out. You cannot give what you do not have. 

Hence, you must question what you are choosing to discern, whose life you are living on a daily basis. A life dedicated to understanding the laws that govern you will aid you to unearth that which is hidden deep inside of you. Your mind has all the information you seek, including those you did not request for. 

How do you correct that which is sitting deep in you?

Question your actions, desires and choices because they determine the outcomes of your life. If it is not the life you desire, dig deeper to uncover and uproot them. 

Change your thoughts per time and your outcomes will change. It must be a deliberate attempt to uproot those thoughts that were planted unconsciously and then deliberately begin to plant that which you desire. It will require the best from you. 

This process is painful and places a high demand on your time and energy. But you must be laser-focused on what you seek and decide that you must change the outcomes of your life.

Create time for solitude so you can answer those deep-rooted questions in your heart, seeking your attention and time so you can dissect the clues life has handed to you thus far. 

Your experiences and associations show you who you are when the best of you is tried. Show up for yourself and be proud of the woman in the mirror who has evolved to a higher version of who she once thought only existed in the shadows.

The miracle that happens in solitude is really a systematic intentional weaving of small wins. Until next time, it’s Esha saying be phenomenal!

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8 Responses

  1. Very insightful and thought provoking write up. Thank you for drawing my attention to embrace solitude, it’s truly a powerful tool for self-discovery.

  2. This post is so concise and nail hitting. I’d always known that the life I desire is on my inside but I didn’t know how to reach in to clear out the path but getting into immerse inner circle has empowered me; I’m still in the process though. I am so grateful for this clarifying blog post. God bless you!!

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