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You have probably created or are currently working on a plan to help you execute your goals. You are tired of being overwhelmed with your multiple tasks/ roles/ projects and you are probably already working on an effective life system to help you productively get more results while managing your energy cycle. Well done. 

Our phones/ devices and tech tools are a big part of our lives today. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know that the quality of our lives and the pace of our goal execution can be significantly improved by something as simple as deleting a few apps and replacing them with one or two strategic apps or habits. 

Here are 5 simple habits you can implement from now on that will significantly help you execute the life systems and goals you have set while helping to build your productivity and utilize your energy cycle.  

1) Do a Tech Audit: This involves looking at things like your installed apps, bookmarks, emails and completely eliminating those that don’t serve you as they should. Some of us have 50 apps installed on our phones but only use 15 with the hopes that you’ll need the others later.

No sis, Install only what you need to use now. Travel light and eliminate digital clutter. This helps you focus better and find ways to maximize and enjoy the resources you already regularly use. 

2) Set up DND and Minimize unnecessary Notifications: Your phone should not have control over your life especially when you are trying to implement your life systems. Running to your phone with every ping, sound or light is not you having control over your device. Set up DND (Do Not Disturb) at strategic times so you can focus on offline tasks without interruption. Minimize notifications and set up strategic times to pick up your phone. 

3) Get a Pomodoro Timer: The Pomodoro is actually a type of tomato. The Pomodoro timer method is a way of time management where you take a task and completely focus on it for between 25-45 minutes then you take a 5-15 minutes break and the cycle continues.

There are free Pomodoro timer apps on your device app store. Implementing the Pomodoro method helps you focus on the task on hand, helps you keep track of your tasks and is set up in a way where you get breaks which reduces burnout and overwhelm.

4) Utilize Google Calendar: Using more of the functionalities offered by Google Calendar was such a game-changer for me. There’s so much that can be done with that tool apart from its core calendar function. It serves as a to-do, goal setting, events management, reminder, and calendar app all at once.

My favourite feature is the goal feature which helps schedule lifestyle goals into your calendar. I use it to make out time for my online courses and even movie dates. I like how I can mark tasks done and see a weekly overview of how many times I performed a task. Gosh, so so good!! Every recurring or even one-off habit/task/event is in my google calendar. 

5) Automate stuff: I remember taking a very long social media break and even going on vacation but there was no drop in my business website traffic, my social media posts and engagements. I had everything nicely automated in my absence so I could spend time with family.  

Do you know that with Apps line Planoly you can schedule tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook messages etc? With some strategy and research, You don’t have to physically do certain recurring and mundane tasks by yourself.  The possibilities are endless. From scheduling posts, messages, emails, calls, to automating coffee making.

There are so many other things you could do but here are 5 options from which you are able to start to implement at least 2 out of today. Let me know if you have implemented or will implement any of these soon. Share your experience in the comment section. Have a fantabulous day and happy execution.

Written by Yewande Oyebo

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