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IMMERSE Inner Circle Membership

Achieve true success in your life and work with IMMERSE Inner Circle. We are a transformational coaching membership for visionary women, to help you unlock higher potential, manifest your greatness and multiply wealth, so you can impact generations.

This is YOUR Time!

Darling Sister,Believe it, no cliche! This is your time and your turn. Right now, everywhere I look; I see women experiencing the birth pangs of an emerging season, because we know there’s MORE to us and we are no longer satisfied with status quo!Personally, I can no longer be satisfied with where I’ve been and what I’ve achieved. Though truly thankful to be leading an army of influential visionaries across my various assignments; yet I have never felt the urgency I feel right now.Since 2020, I started announcing the Rise of the Future-Forward Female, because I see God is placing incredible favour over women, and shifting us to the frontline of generational change, political reformations, transformational leadership and unusual prosperity.And in the last 3 years, we’ve seen an explosion of female leaders, impactful entrepreneurs, ministry gifts, political voices and visionary women of African descent – nothing like we’ve ever seen before.
YOU are that Future-Forward Female™, and you’re not going to be left out of this generational move, because YOU were born for a time such as this!My commitment as your Coach and Catalyst is to help you unlock higher potential, manifest your greatness and fulfil your Destiny DNA. I want to see you positioned, prepared and propelled into divinely open doors this Decade, and that is why I’ve built IMMERSE Inner Circle as a high-impact coaching membership for women who will lead our future.
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Be part of a coaching membership that challenges your status quo, elevates your paradigm and empowers your vision!

IMMERSE Inner Circle is for you if:

You need help to heal and move beyond painful experiences, significant stress, emotional crisis, heartbreak, financial setback or disappointment; which have had a crippling effect on you.

You seek to deeply understand and step into your Life’s Purpose and True Identity beyond your job, marital status, motherhood or other roles you play.

You need help to create an effective goal setting system that improves your productivity and organizes your multiple demands, so that you’re not constantly overwhelmed and under-performing.

You are a visionary who works hard, but need to launch or leverage your personal and professional brand into a greater level of credibility, visibility and profitability.

You’re a transformational leader and you desire to grow your people, platforms, and partnerships; so that your God-given mandate can achieve greater impact for good.

You're a many-sided woman but you do not have a proven Roadmap for releasing your multi-influential life and wealth streams, without over-extending yourself, but fully maximising your endowments of grace.

You seek a wise + spiritual Coach with real proofs in her life, to guide you in a way that refines your gold, inspires your performance and strengthens your calling.

How We Roll at IMMERSE Inner Circle!

Every part of the Inner Circle is carefully curated and delicately designed to help you WIN! We support you to build an elegant life of peace, purpose and prosperity without trading the things that matter to you.

Things YOU should know about US!

70,000+ Members

Our members are visionary women using our breakthrouh coaching to change their own lives and communities around them!

100+ Countries

We are a truly global coaching community with members living in over 100+ countries of the world be plugged into greatness!

7,000+ Premium Members

More than 7,000 passionate people have been paid members of our coaching courses, content and conferences

500+ Businesses

The number of businesses, initiative and projects launched or scaled by members using insights + memtorship from us!

Since 2014

Our founder, Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Started IMMERSE Coaching Company in August 2014, so it’s been almost 9 years of creating personal transformation for leaders like you!

Support Coaches + Mentors

We have a growing network of 200+ Support Coaches and Mentors who work with us to achieve transformation for members!

200+ Short Courses

We have over 200 short courses, modular programs and coaching calls across all 12 dimensions of the Visionary Life, designed to unlock your greatness!


Members of our Coaching Community have raised over $7500 to host conscious changemaking projects - our loving give-back initiative to vulnerable populations.

MORE Things To Expect This Cycle!


Depending on your coaching plan, stand a chance to gain FREE Access to Visioning 2024 Summit Replay (all Modules + WorkBook).


Enjoy personalized coaching with any of our ICC Certified Coaches at a member-only discount, all through the Cycle! As a member, you have Exclusive Access to any of our highly sort after Coaches, for less!


More new member-only courses are going live in the Inner Circle and FFF MasterMind this Cycle! We also have fresh flagship courses and exciting activities lined up for you!


As a member of the Inner Circle, you have special access to Member-Only Discounts, Sales, and Special Offers from Partners on our Partners’ Network.

Growth Pathways™ - for SproutWoman and SuperWoman Members

SproutWoman and SuperWoman Coaching Plans are based on Growth Pathways™ which are unique coaching levels that reflect the stage of life you’re in, and exactly what you need for transformation. You take our original Growth Pathway™ to determine your level.

Future-Forward Female™ Blueprint - for MasterMind Members

Our highest coaching plan, the MasterMind is based on Future-Forward Female Blueprint™ which is a 5-Protocol Greatness Manifesto that helps visionary women master their genius, expand leadership influence and multiplying wealth. We have courses covering each pillar.

Seeking High-Level Group Coaching with DDK?

Do you have what it takes to go with DDK on a rigorous, no-excuses growth process that shapes your character, competence and capacity into a first-class female leader in the next 1 – 3 years?


Here's our Calendar.

See what's coming!

Meet DDK

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, ministry gift, public policy advisor and transformational coach for visionary leaders. Through her work of coaching, consulting and capacity building, Debola deploys her extraordinary gift of unlocking potential in people, institutions and nations. 

She is Founder of IMMERSE Coaching Company, a professional coaching practice, Executive Director at Ideation Hub Africa, a public policy and impact advisory firm, and President at Kingdom Leaders Global Alliance (a non-denominational Christian Ministry.

She is a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach by the Oleg Konovalov Global Coaching Certification, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and a Certified Masteries Practitioner by the International Association of Coaching, USA. She is also a Thomas International Certified Workplace Personality Profile Analyst, Certified Job Evaluation Analyst and an experienced Corporate Trainer. Debola was Learning Consultant at Phillips Consulting, and has been on the Faculty of organisations including the Lagos State Government, World Bank, OANDO Foundation, FATE Foundation, LEAP Africa, VFD Bridge, Olaniwun Ajayi LP amongst others.

Debola sits on the Board of a number of organisations, including Mandela Washing Fellowship Alumni Association of Nigeria, Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative, and the Mindset Transformation and Aid Organization, where she provides strategic advisory on organizational design, senior leadership development, policy analysis as well as program execution.

Listen to our Women share Big Wins!

Would you Sponsor an 18-year old into IMMERSE?

Our Sponsorship Program prepares young women (aged between 15-22 years) to live a life of purpose, growth and impact, beyond stereotypes so they can live, love and lead authentically. Please Sponsor a young female leader into our coaching membership! Let’s catch them early.

Commonly Used Terms

All Members

These are all different subscription packages under the IMMERSE Inner Circle membership program.

The SproutWoman coaching plan is for young women between the ages of 15 and 22.

The SuperWoman coaching plan is for women who are above 22, seeking growth and transformation for personal mastery and self-governance.

The Future-Forward Female MasterMind represents the pinnacle of our subscription packages, catering to ambitious and accomplished female leaders. This high-tier coaching program offers a unique blend of advanced and intensive coaching, strategic guidance, and cutting-edge resources tailored specifically to the needs of these exceptional women.

Kindly click here to have a proper understanding of each subscription package for IMMERSE Inner Circle and here to know the pricing structure of each. Based on how much you paid, you will be able to identify which package you are on. Kindly note that it is important to know which package you belong to when filling out assessments or forms that you will interact with during the cycle

This is the platform where you can access all your learning resources and materials. You will be enrolled on the learning platform in the week onboarding begins.

Once a month, we have our Lead Coach DDK or carefully curated Guest Mentors teaching on various topics. We usually hold this on the last Sunday of the month at 8 pm WAT. on Zoom and YouTube. Check the Cycle Calendar to know when this Cycle’s Coaching Calls will be held. Plan to attend each of them as they are filled with light bulb moments.

Since 2021, we all at IMMERSE have come together to create change in our environment. Members contribute to solving a problem of their choice in society. This project is executed during the Cycle and reports are submitted. More clarity will be provided on what projects have been covered in the past and the plan for this cycle in the welcome webinar.

This is a meeting held at the beginning of the cycle as part of the onboarding session. Members are appropriately welcomed and taken through the list of activities to expect throughout the cycle. It is our orientation day for all members. If you have any questions, this is the best place to ask them. Plan to attend the welcome webinar. The date will be communicated in your onboarding emails.

These are your 3-5 biggest goals to be accomplished in the next 90 days of the Cycle. In your onboarding emails, you will receive a link to watch the 90-day Life Upgrade Webinar and the accompanying template to set your goals for your NBT.

You will receive a series of four(4) emails that will help you settle into the Cycle when it begins. The date will be communicated to you in the email you received when you paid to join the membership. These emails are vital for your stay in the cycle so be sure to read all of them to the end. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to write to us at

Inner Circle Members -- SproutWoman and SuperWoman

There are five Growth Pathways: Cleanse, Clarify, Create, Contribute and Catalyze. They signify the five different areas of need of our clientele. Our courses are arranged according to these need areas. To read more about each Growth Pathway, please read here.

This is an assessment to determine which of the Growth Pathways you are currently in at this time so you can be enrolled into your Growth Pathway courses. The link to take the assessment will be shared with you in due course.
A selection of courses is made every cycle to meet the needs of every Growth Pathway. These include weekly video courses, articles and other recommended resources, a Calendar for the cycle and recommended books. You will receive the link to your specialized Growth Map immediately after taking the growth pathway assessment.

This is where your Learning Community will be hosted. There is one main Community per Cycle for all members hosted in a Telegram Channel. Immediately after taking your Growth Pathway Assessment and being assigned to a Pathway, you will be sent a link to join your pathway-specific community. e.g. Everyone whose results show SuperWoman Clarify will be in a community on Telegram and have a minimum of 2 coaches assigned to their Community.
It is not mandatory to join a community but we highly recommend that you join and participate fully if you can.

Future-Forward Female MasterMind

This is the Learning Platform for members in the Future-Forward Female MasterMind package. Most of the courses and resources are hosted here. If you are on the FFF MasterMind package, your invite to join the platform will be sent on the first week of onboarding.

These are the smaller groups of members in the FFF MasterMind hosted on WhatsApp. In the Labs, members are grouped and assigned Support Coaches who provide coaching, administrative support, accountability. More information about how to join a lab will be sent to you when onboarding begins.

The Future-Forward Female Assessment is a proprietary assessment which helps you rate yourself across the 5 protocols of the Future-Forward Female Blueprint, showing you how you rate across the main set of competencies required for the Future-Forward Female.

The Future-Forward Female Blueprint is an original growth plan containing 5 pillars of growth and mastery required for every visionary woman who will rise to extraordinary living, leadership and legacy. The Future-Forward Female MsterMind is structured along this Blueprint and is administered as a curriculum that goes through the 5 pillars within each cycle. 

Success Stories That Inspire Us

Upcoming Events

Explore our upcoming events, programs, and calendar of activities.

Upcoming Events

Explore our upcoming events, programs, and calendar of activities.



Majestic Manifesto 2024 (DDK’s 40th Birthday Celebratory Conference)

This Celebratory Conference is held as a Convergence of Faith, Empowerment and Lifestyle while featuring Iconic Keynote Speeches and Panel Sessions, the 84:84 Feature Documentary, Special Launch of AYINKE Regal Lifestyle Brand (DDK’s Fashion Collection and Signature Perfume Selection), Special Launch of Majestic Manifesto Book and Course Series by DDK, the JASIRI Awards, Smokey Jollof Party and Goody Bags + Gift Boxes!



Majestic Manifesto 2024 (DDK’s 40th Birthday Celebratory Conference)

This Celebratory Conference is held as a Convergence of Faith, Empowerment and Lifestyle while featuring Iconic Keynote Speeches and Panel Sessions, the 84:84 Feature Documentary, Special Launch of AYINKE Regal Lifestyle Brand (DDK’s Fashion Collection and Signature Perfume Selection), Special Launch of Majestic Manifesto Book and Course Series by DDK, the JASIRI Awards, Smokey Jollof Party and Goody Bags + Gift Boxes!


Great question! Whether it’s the SproutWoman, SuperWoman or Future-Forward Female™ MasterMind, this membership is ideal for you if you’re a woman ready to unlock your higher dimension. And as an entrepreneur, career professional, political leader or spiritual mentor; we’re all connected in the IMMERSE Inner Circle by the conviction that God is shifting women into the frontline, and we want to be ready for what He is ready for! That’s it really.

So, if you desire a community that grows your gift and shows you a roadmap for your becoming process, then this is the place for you.

We are a global community of visionary men and women, from all parts of the world. If you are outside Nigeria, you may be unable to attend live events but you will be fully part of everything else, plus we have so many webinars, coaching calls, and exciting online events.
No, we don’t offer refunds. We have a no refund policy. Our Customised growth map is completely digital, so there are no refunds on any payment (partial or full) once you enroll. We believe commitment and follow-through create momentum. We believe you will make progress if you apply the growth map. This is a community-centered accountability program and learning opportunity. Thank you for understanding and honoring our policy.
A big YES! In addition to the new modules we are releasing the Future-Forward Female Blueprint Program, you continue to have access to previous modules covered across the 5 Protocols, so far your membership is active with us.

Your access to the learning resources depends on your subscription package, which is either quarterly or annually.

A quarterly subscription gives you access to the Learning Platform for an entire cycle after which your access to the Learning platform would expire and you’d have to enroll when another cycle starts.
An annual subscription gives you access to 3 full cycles with unbroken access to the Learning Platform all year round, even during breaks between coaching cylces.

For SproutWoman and SuperWoman, the Telegram Learning Community is an accountability group built for you and other women on the same growth pathway as you. It is a no-judgment zone where you learn, share and grow. The Learning Community offers you support and accountability. We encourage you to join if you’re able to commit time, effort, and presence to the coaching process.

Future-Forward Female MasterMind members experience a rigorous, no-excuses growth process within smaller Labs, alongside other first-class female leaders, facilitated by Support Coaches. Inspirational learning, sharing, loving and winning happen here. You will have to show up, put in the work because we’re rooting for you to win!

No, we do not permit deferrals please. Given the digital nature of our program, your membership subscription offers you full access to our Programs. If you’re unable to fully maximise the membership at this time, we encourage you consider a different cycle. Pro Tip: Take a flagship course, till you can re-join the membership. Thank you for honoring our policy.

Ready to step into your Greatness?

***Membership Enrolment closes on Sunday, 28th April 2024. Maximize your special offer plus all goodies added. After this date, we close out registrations for this Cycle.

Need support? Please write to or speak to us on WhatsApp.

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