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“How is your Mind Set?” This question is important because one of the most important positions you’d have to take in your life is around

No one wants anyone else to know that they are totally clueless at doing what they are doing.  We all want to be perceived as

Weariness comes with weakness – of spirit, soul and body. You declare tiredness at this point, expressing your inability to move on. You let yourself

Life is whispering to you but are you listening? The hints that come to you daily about who you have become are more than ever

I love the start of a new year so much. Perfect for reflections, growth, calibrations and recalibrations, as well as gratitude, visioning and audacious goal-setting!

Months ago, after being so pumped up and excited from reading a book, I set some goals to incorporate certain tasks into my schedule. However,

Congratulations!!! You have probably created or are currently working on a plan to help you execute your goals. You are tired of being overwhelmed with

Hey Family! Allow me wish you a truly Happy New Year, filled with phenomenal joy, incredible favour and divinely open doors!  As a valued member of our global

These quotes you are about to read will inspire you to truly chase after your vision with fire and urgency. Check them out below and

This fun interview with Bodam Taiwo, Senior Marketing Executive at the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company/ Event Entrepreneur/Author/Lifestyle Coach, will ignite your passion and zeal for

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