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What True Growth Really Looks Like||DDK

I love the start of a new year so much. Perfect for reflections, growth, calibrations and recalibrations, as well as gratitude, visioning and audacious goal-setting! Boom! So good! But errrrmmm….. it is also so stressful for the undiscerning.

New Year energy often also comes with the pressure to make it the best year ever – to grow, to make money, and “move forward” – which leads many people into a fast-paced frenzy of over-committing, feeling overwhelmed already, and literally running helter-skelter looking for the next hack to change their lives.

But that’s not you. Nah! I gat you. A great way to change your life is to become MORE of who you really are. Why? Because in your zone of natural genius, you are more likely to prosper without losing your peace. There is a way God ordered life – and it is for you to be in dominion.

Growth is important, but there are different kinds of growth. Even cancer is a type of growth. Your best growth is growth in the direction of who you truly are. This means that your goal should be to grow more into your ORIGINAL essence, that is, who you would have been minus your early life conditioning, cultural biases and copy-cat efforts at being like someone else.

Learning to be better is important, and you may see things you admire about other people. That’s fine. But only adopt what sits well with you. Only do things that resonate within your authentic core, as in line with how you’re wired. Don’t change who you are, change how you navigate who you are.

For example, if you’re naturally curious; don’t stop asking questions, only carefully re-appraise those you are asking questions. If you’re naturally generous, don’t stop giving, only watch that the recipients of your gifts are not sharks, seeking to use you + drain you.

Live by design. Let your growth this 2022 make you ask. “What does a better version of me look like? And what can I do to make her/him manifest this year? What do I currently tolerate in my life, that does not really serve me anymore?

This year, be brave in the pursuit of your higher self – i.e. the person you are endowed to be, if you shed the weights you’re currently carrying. Interested to unveil you? Start with this Personal Archetype Test and if you’re in the IMMERSE Inner Circle, jump on the 30-Day Transformation Challenge.

If you are not in the Inner Circle yet, you can join the Wait List Here so you’d be the first to know when we reopen a new cycle.

I love you, I am committed to you, and I want us to grow together in 2022.

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