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Hey Family! Allow me wish you a truly Happy New Year, filled with phenomenal joy, incredible favour and divinely open doors!  As a valued member of our global community, I am delighted to share our State of the Union Address with you, with key highlights from 2021, as we look ahead to a truly phenomenal 2022. 


State of the Union Address

 IMMERSE Coaching Company:

1. We launched Visionary Compass (an elite accelerator program for the 1% best in class visionaries to launch, grow and scale their next-level assignment) and we exceeded our launch expectations for this high-tier program. You can join the 2022 Academic Year Waitlist already here –

2. We also launched IMMERSE SproutWoman, signing on board 2, 000+ EPIC  young women (15 – 24 years old),  into our coaching membership this year. What a way to invest in the future! You can become a sponsor here – 3. Men’s Arcade – In 2021, we were excited to host 6, 500+ men to our Men-Only Coaching Bootcamp. I am so proud of the exceptional leaders who are now using our breakthrough coaching to create personal transformation! 4. Future-Forward Female Movement – This is about the biggest highlight of my year as a transformational coach! God brought me into His secrets for releasing a new generation of visionary women of African descent this Decade. From the Future-Forward Intensive which has been watched by over 30, 000 people, Future-Forward MasterMind, Future-Forward Female Assessment to the Future-Forward Folio; we are astonished by how much we achieved this great vision and I want you to know that something huge is coming in 2022. 

5. IMMERSE Inner Circle Membership – We grew our premium women-only coaching membership in 2021 across two cycles, reaching 3, 500+ members during the year. We innovated on our Transformation Model to make learning for transformation easier without overwhelm, as well as help more visionary women achieve their personal goals. Our Live Awake Conference 2021 attracted inspiring thought-leaders and was crowned with the Future-Forward Female Fund Pitch Contest.

Ideation Hub Africa:

At Ideation Hub Africa, this year, we hosted the 2nd African MasterClass Series , which is a high-impact learning immersion for impact makers, social innovators, non-profit leaders and civil society practitioners. Alongside our powerful faculty members and mentors, we have empowered 12, 000+ social innovators in more than 30 African countries. 

We also held Development Dialogue 2021, our annual leading third sector conference, and this year featured the Social Innovators’ Showcase, recognising outstanding members of our community including Solomon Ayodele, Ugochi Obidiegwu and Rapheal Tamuno amongst others. We also shared our 6-year Impact Documentary as well as launched the Social Innovation School (a one-stop resource centre for equipping African social saviours, with solutions for our continent’s toughest challenges), with 15 Courses across critical competencies for impact-driven work.

FIREBRAND Movement and Kingdom Women Global Alliance

At FIREBRAND Movement, we held two more cohorts of our flagship FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible School, held FIREBRAND Festivals, hosted two Book Clubs, the FIREBRAND Reawaken Course, as well as led the extremely beloved HeartWork Course, bringing us to over 5, 000+ saints who have radically equipped for stewarding Kingdom Mandate through these different programs since inception! At Kingdom Women Global Alliance, we started the year with Torch Gathering, then held monthly Days of Covenant Prayers, Kingdom Paradigm Sessions (my twice-a-month spiritual mentoring classes), Heavenly Portals’ Meeting and Kingdom Leadership Convention. It has been a great privilege to empower thousands of believers in atmosphere of the Word, Prayers and Worship! You can catch up on some of the sessions HERE as well as become a Partner with us here.

Metamorphosis University

Work is going great toward the unveiling of Metamorphosis Universitywhich is our robust ed-tech platform integrating all my 5 Core Transformational Learning Organisations into Schools within the University! It’s super good, and Metamorphosis University is a global learning corporation, that will raise future-forward leaders to build our Extraordinary Africa! We can’t wait to show you what we are working on. As we look through our historical data of learning impact, a total of over 75, 000 students have taken at least one course from us across our different expressions since 2014.

BIG LESSONS that stood out from 2021

Each year is filled with profound insights and wisdom.  As an individual as well as a visionary leader across various organisations; here are top ten lessons that stood out for me!
 1. Visionary Articulation: It is important to articulate what’s beating in your heart. Even if writing it scares you or makes you feel silly; doing so is the first step to giving your vision legitimate access into the earth realm. By the way, I want to help you start your 2022 strong with my Visioning 2022 Retreat. Take quick action, because seats are limited! 

2. Belief in Your Placement: It is critical to quickly dismiss the feeling that the space you’re sent to is crowded, or many people are already doing what you want to do, or you don’t have the early-comers advantage. Pure yenyenyen! The problems in the world are too enormous to be fixed by a few. There’s space and place for the work you want to do. 

3. Commitment to Excellence: The decision to be thorough, excellent, value-soaked and exceptional is not merely an ethical choice, but a business strategy. We have no reason to be mediocre or play small. We may start with a segment or fraction of the whole, but even in our small beginnings, we must strive to do a good job every time! This is a sign of respect for vision and the people we want to serve. 4. The People Power: Finding the right people is everything! You must pray about it, learn how to spot talent,
never stop clarifying what you want even if it makes you seem like a nag, and trust the genius of those you hire to complement you in ways that heal your blindside + expand the vision. 5. Prayer Propellants: Prayers, faith confessions, bold declarations and audacious journalling are not religious actions. They are propellants for any true vision. It is almost a secret. The way to go further faster is to ride on the wings of God’s Supreme Strength! 6. Now-Next-Nexus: Set your gaze Future-Forward, but also take actions with a Now-Next Nexus – this means always asking “what is the next most significant step we can begin to take now, to move us closer to our goals?” You must be doing something weekly along the lines of the vision and trust me, those consistent steps accumulate into significance. 7. Redefinitions Count: Soft Life is stress-free but it is not STRETCH-FREE. I know many people clamour for the “Soft” Life but make you desire is not to merely lay about, travel around without aim, and lounge all day long. Desire and design is an elegant life that fits your highest priorities, so that while serving vision, you don’t compromise on what counts. It is living on your terms, and being in control of the choices that define your future. Redefining what you think happiness, fun and wealth look like, will save you from despising the requirements of building what will stand the test of time. 8. Keep Building: Don’t care about the numbers. Just keep building. Everything adds up over time! If you fixate on how many people are listening to your podcast, buying your books or signing up for your webinar, you may not focus on the creative investments that will ultimately make you a leader in your industry. Never place your worth or validation on the stats, live from within and the numbers will catch up with time. 9. Catalytic Communities: Stay in the right community. It’s not always even what they teach you, but they show is possible simply by living their own lives. There are two billionaire mentors I visit, and when I leave them, I shed a degree of my limiting mindsets. By every means, make sure you keep yourself plugged into communities and networks that challenge your current reality, and make you unlock your higher potential. 10. God of GRACE: God is the Giver of GRACE. Everyone has their own grace and gifts from Him. The goal is not to want what others have, but to find + fuel yours! So what stood out for you? What hit you most? What action would you take? Let’s thank God for 2021. We have a lot to be grateful for! There are even greater days ahead of us! You will thrive, you will triumph. It is your time and your turn! See you at Visioning 2022 Retreat in a few days! I love you, I am committed to you, and I want us to grow together in 2022.DDK

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