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Goal setting, Life Design and Productivity

No one wants anyone else to know that they are totally clueless at doing what they are doing.  We all want to be perceived as

I love the start of a new year so much. Perfect for reflections, growth, calibrations and recalibrations, as well as gratitude, visioning and audacious goal-setting!

Months ago, after being so pumped up and excited from reading a book, I set some goals to incorporate certain tasks into my schedule. However,

Congratulations!!! You have probably created or are currently working on a plan to help you execute your goals. You are tired of being overwhelmed with

Today, allow me to pull up a blank canvas before your mind’s eyes and paint some scenarios. Your phone rings…”Abeg, no body should call me,”

We’re living in an age of exponential information increase, with many online events happening simultaneously. This can cause feelings of overwhelm if we can’t figure

I had always thought prior to this time my life was segmented in such a way that one aspect of my life never affected the

Sometime last year, I was out of work with more than enough free time. I got into this interesting habit of watching the most annoying

I had a particular task I was to execute and I kept making excuses; Until one fateful morning, I literally had a mind-block and when

Whao, it’s April already!!!!!! Welcome to the 2nd quarter of the year 2021! It is such a great thing to be alive this time. I

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