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My Life In Spheres

I had always thought prior to this time my life was segmented in such a way that one aspect of my life never affected the other parts. Using the illustration of the Wheel of life where you have the key areas: Finance, Career, Spiritual, Family, Health, Fun & Recreation, Relationships/Friendships and Personal Development. These all form the wheel of life with “YOU” at the core.

Regardless of the stage you presently are, some time in future; these spheres would define who you are. 

The big question is, are you living your best life in these areas on your terms? This is not to make you feel you have not arrived or make you feel unworthy. Your journey is unique to you and you are only in competition with yourself. 

Have you discovered the gaps and how best to connect the dots? Where do you need to focus this season of your life that will birth forth improvements in your life? Just like the wheel, all parts though they look fragmented, in reality they are not.

When a fragment of this wheel (YOU) is deflated, it’s going to affect other areas of your life and soon enough, you will notice the wheel no longer moves smoothly.

PAIN they say is an acronym for PAY ATTENTION INWARD NOW. What is that teaching you? There is a part of my life that needs to be fixed now. Though a lot of people would move on assuming that all will be fine, and they can still live the slide by life. Do not do that to yourself.

You can only go this far if you do not pay attention to the signals.  Where do I need help? Who can be of help to me? Where can I get the help I need per time? Who best speaks to the gap I see in my life right now? 

There is no perfect life because your life is in seasons, so as you grow, you prune, grow and prune again. Identifying the relationships that will help you triumph such seasons is critical hence the need to surround yourself with an army where all soldiers are skilled in their diversity. You need people in your life, so no more LONER’s.

Know your worth and show up for yourself everyday to birth a higher version of yourself per season. Be Phenomenal and remember the word needs your authentic identity and not prototypes because only then can you serve us with your unique creatives juice seasoned with love.

Be the best version of yourself as always. I will talk to you soon; Bye for now from Eshastake. 

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