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Step Into Your Higher Being!

Whao, it’s April already!!!!!! Welcome to the 2nd quarter of the year 2021!

It is such a great thing to be alive this time. I am thankful to God for you and for me too.


Do you know that there are two sides of every human being? 


The lower version of a being – this is the aspect that loves to keep and play it safe rather than digging for the gold inside. It is an aspect that questions your creativity and your capacity to stretch so that you can pivot into something bigger than you.

It is that side of a being that says, nobody has ever done that in your lineage and so it won’t begin with you. It tells you that you don’t have what it requires and that it is not meant for someone of your type. 

It says that it takes too much work and you will break if you dare it. It is that aspect of you that will rather sit in front of a TV set or read a mill and boon (not that these are bad habits especially if they are for relaxation that were previously scheduled and deserved) than staying in solitude to finish reading a book that can shed light in your heart, taking a course or even creating time to get answers from within. 


It is that part of your being that prefers you live your life on auto piloting than living intentionally. It makes you feel scheduling, creating healthy habits and routines, journaling, writing out your goals and making strides on achieving them are too hard or too boring.


While the other side of human being is the one called the “higher version of being” where you are powerful just like the grand creator made you. 

In this version of being, you know too well that you are a co-creator with God and you are always searching for how you can improve on who you were yesterday despite all the accolades or shortcomings. 


You don’t allow yourself to be defined by the labels because you know who your Father is. Here, you leave intentionally, leaving nothing to chance. You are awake and aware! You don’t leave for the attention but always create from a place of authenticity and well informed. 


No seeking of external validation because you are so secure in who you are! You know too well that what you have or do not have doesn’t define you. If applause comes or not you’re never perturbed.


It is that place where your spirit, soul and body are in sync and in total harmony. You are never under the pressure of men to create what is not uniquely you because you know creating substandard things won’t give honour to whom your life is all about. 


In this arena, you sit as a god in the hand of a bigger God. You’re daring and you run with the instructions received because you know that God’s got you! I want to plead with you that as you embark on the journey of this quarter, allow the higher version of you be the one at work. 


The world needs what you carry. It is time for you to rise into why you are here. The works we must do in our societies are enormous, we cannot afford to be found playing small. Go shine your light, the world is too dark.


Be a blessing that you are created to be no matter how little what you think you have been given looks to you. Show up, roll up your sleeves, get digging and get going!


I wish you a quarter full of energy, power, grace, favour and all that you wish yourself. 

Soar!!! No matter what the circumstance is saying.


Written by Aanuoluwapo.

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