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Baggage Free Relationships

I had a particular task I was to execute and I kept making excuses; Until one fateful morning, I literally had a mind-block and when I whittled down to understand what exactly was going on, I realized this had been the issue.

An open tab on my mind for this goal had now become clutter in my mind space and I could not focus. Immediately I realized this, I took the bull by the horn and went into action to execute.


I got all the resources I needed to execute the goal immediately. It took some time to sort it out, but I did not play small, I executed. When I finished, I felt elated immediately because prior to this time I had the world on my shoulder and just got the heavy weight lifted.

Relating this to our relationships, we need people and networks to thrive here on earth because they hold certain keys based on the wisdom they possess and also open doors to give access to power houses on earth.

This law was made by God and He will not bypass systems that He has set up to do His will. We must leverage this principle to propel us to higher dimensions.

When you begin to whittle down to the real relationships that serve you and add to your bottom line, you will have wisdom on which relationships to embrace and those to push to the sidelines, so you save your life early and not get burnt when you are neck deep in certain friendships and relationships.
Who is that friend or what is the relationship that clutters your mind and makes you feel less human? Makes you question your identity or lose your self-worth?

In every relationship, there exists an Alpha who could be male or female. If you are not the one leading the pack/herd as the Alpha, does this make you feel awkward or unworthy?

It is your choice to own your narrative as though your life depended on it. Have a thorough analysis done on people who occupy spaces in your life and evaluate the value they add so you can adequately leverage on this to propel you forward.

Evaluate their positions so you know how best to navigate life without getting burnt. The bible also says “Wisdom is profitable to direct” so in all thy getting, get wisdom because your life depends on it. Until next time, it’s Eshastake and I implore you to keep being phenomenal.

Written by Eshastake.

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