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Unpack Your Heart and Travel Light

Today, allow me to pull up a blank canvas before your mind’s eyes and paint some scenarios.

Your phone rings…”Abeg, no body should call me,” You mumble under your breath.

Tomorrow is an already scheduled outing or appointment with a friend…”See ehnn, I don’t want to go anywhere tomorrow,” you hiss under your breathe.

There’s a knock at your door but you turn a deaf ear and allow whoever it is to leave unattended to.

Do these pictures look familiar? I bet they are. On those days, the point is you are just feeling anyhow sha. Ever felt this way? I have and I know someone out there has or probably feels so right this minute. So I felt pressed to share this.

When you hit this wall, here is what you need to do: Sit down and open up yourself like you’d open a bag and one after the other reach out and begin to sort out the contents of your heart just like you would sort out the contents of a stuffed bag.

Lay them all out before you and begin to identify all the issues. First, you’ll realise it was because you just got news of your very young cousin who just graduated with a first-class degree and landed a job in the corporate world in the united kingdom and bam, your second class lower degree from university pops up in your face. Your 10 years plus of slaving away at a job without a dime to show for it glares at you.

Everyone is a happy duo smiling with love-smothered eyes from breathtaking Instagram pictures except you. Summer is around the corner again and it doesn’t look like you can even make it to the Airport in the next five years, even in your wildest dream…The list is endless, the scenarios numerous.

With these contents spilled before you, you finally see why you are grouchy.

Next step is to pack them all up and lay them at the feet of Jesus. Put them side by side with what He has said concerning you. Where you need to take necessary steps to change where you are, take a hold of strength from His word and get up to play your part.

As you exalt His thoughts and His truths above your “reality”, the waves will be hushed, peace will return and you will be able to say, “and we know, that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose”!

Then, You will be back in the place of confident assurance that life is not a race but a journey where the path of the just only shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.

Written by Emike Osumah

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