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Support Coaching

IMMERSE Support Coaching Framework

At IMMERSE Coaching Company we prioritize holistic transformation for every member who comes into the Inner Circle. Our commitment to this result is seen via the deployment of Support Coaches who through a hand-holding approach, work with members across different Growth Pathways and Membership Plans, to help them achieve their set goals and ensure completion of their learning journey.

Accountability, Support, Celebration.

The Support Coaching Model serves one of the Five Big Bucket Benefits provided to members of the IMMERSE Inner Circle, which is Community.  You’d be in the midst of greatness literally, as you connect with an inspiring network of women who win with you.

One of the goals of the membership is to provide a community of go-getter to thrive, share value, collaborate and grow together.

Our Support Coaching Model

The Support Coaching framework is the medium through which we manage our clients and our coaching communities. Our Support Coaches provide a community for go-getter visionaries with coaches who have been professionally trained and equipped to prime all members of the Inner Circle, acting as guardians and motivators for them.

The model of the support coaching is to have coaches lead a community of 10 to 20 women in the same membership plans, giving room for direct coaching and administrative hand-holding while providing a safe space for our Inner Circle women to connect with and receive support that helps them achieve their dreams of living a bedazzled life.

In over 10 years of providing personal transformational experiences for 70,000+ visionary women, we have successfully built a global network of over 400 Support Coaches who have engaged with our members and provided personalized support to them on their transformation journeys. During each membership cycle, members of the IMMERSE Inner Circle get the privilege of access to a pool of over 40 dedicated and well-trained support coaches who are passionate about seeing women thrive in all facets of life and will work with our members, providing accountability, support and coaching.



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