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Ngozi Divine-Basil

Ngozi Divine-Basil is a result-oriented professional with 8+ years of experience and proven skills in Project Management, Business Analytics, Operations, Human Resources, Sales, and Marketing. She is also a Coaching Masteries Practitioner with the International Association of Coaching (IAC). With a passion for project management, business performance, inspirational leadership, and coaching, she currently contributes her skills, time, and efforts as General Manager (Strategy and Business Performance) at IMMERSE Coaching Company, by developing effective strategies to drive business growth, market penetration, and customer retention, working with teams to ideate and innovate strategies to attract and retain clientele for the business, generating profit-making ideas for the business, and inspiring high-level team performance toward agreed business results, as well as ensuring that a strong organizational culture is preserved.

NDB, as she is fondly called in IMMERSE, is a strong leader, who is passionate about excellence, getting results, outwitting her former success, and progressively managing odds on the way to high performance. She is a culture-shaper and visionary leader who continues to impart the team with the right thinking, approach to work, and right mindsets. Her contribution to the business is very valuable and transformative, her communication is graceful, firm, balanced, and mostly inspiring.

Born and raised in Rivers State, Nigeria, Ngozi developed a keen interest in Leadership and Coaching from an early age by drawing inspiration from her mum who was an Inspirational Leader and Mentor to many. She pursued higher education in Business Administration and Human Resource Management at All Nations University, Ghana, with an exchange program from the Richard Ivey School of Business, Ontario, Canada, and was awarded the Overall Best Graduating Student and Valedictorian of her graduating class. She has also gone ahead to amass other qualifications and specializations in Business Analytics, Agile Project Management, Project Planning, Project Initiation, Project Execution, and Applying Project Management in the Real World.

Throughout her career, Ngozi has demonstrated exceptional skills in Leadership, Team Work, and Client Relationship Management and maintains a commitment to Business Process Improvement. She has worked with several notable organizations like Allure Africa Group Limited, Ghana, and the Bank of Agriculture, to mention a few, and helped them achieve their business goals with advanced proficiency to consistently deliver outstanding results. Ngozi’s expertise lies in managing multiple projects, leading teams, and she has a strong track record of contributing toward business strategies that enable organizations to grow from 0-100.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Ngozi actively contributes her time and effort toward valuable community service by volunteering with NGOs. She believes in giving back to society and because children are the future of tomorrow, her volunteer work is mostly centered around making a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged kids. She also serves as a Principal for The Anna Company, a community of women spreading the love and light of God everywhere they go. 

NDB, as she is fondly called, is joyfully married to the love of her life, DBF, and best friend of 16 years (and counting), and together, they’re making great strides and leaving a positive mark on the world. As work-life balance is also very important to her, she loves taking road trips, cooking and enjoying yummy meals with her family, listening to inspirational music, podcasts, and audiobooks, and also watching movies. 

Overall, Ngozi Divine-Basil is a seasoned professional who continues to make significant contributions to any organization she’s privileged to work in. Through her expertise, leadership, and commitment to excellence, she is beautifully shaping the future of IMMERSE and inspires other team members to action by being dedicated to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest trends and advancements in the industry.

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