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Anne Ilaye Daniel-Osueke

Anne Ilaye Daniel-Osueke is a ministry gift, speaker, trainer, career professional and identity coach. She has helped women walk in the consciousness of their true identities as a way to rightly position them for a life of vision and purpose.

She is a Certified IAC-USA Coach with over three years of experience in Coaching and helping women through their journey of transformation.

She has worked with IMMERSE coaching company, Courageous Me Foundation, and Kingdom Reapers Outreach, amongst others, to provide accountability and support to over 100 women through her work as an Identity Coach.

She started her career journey in Oil and Gas as an Operations personnel before transitioning to the Tech industry, where she works as a Technical Support Sales/Marketing Personnel.

With her passion for women, she founded the Endorsed movement, a platform that supports women looking to connect with their true identities and live without the limits of a broken sense of self.

Through this platform, she has equipped women with the right tools for identity discovery and helped them to live free from stereotypes and labels.

She is married to the love of her life, Daniel Osueke, and they are blessed with a daughter.

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