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Oluwaseun Newton

Health, Wellness & Wholeness Coach

Oluwaseun Newton is a Medical Doctor passionate about Healthcare Management, Education, and Policy. She is on a mission to bring about systemic change in the healthcare sector in Africa through breakthrough methodologies. 

As a Coach, she is a certified Masteries Practitioner™ by the International Association of Coaching. Her work centres around trauma recovery and rejuvenation. With her methodology and framework, she can walk you through the journey to rebirth after a traumatic experience, grief, or loss. She works with teens and young adults between 18-24 years. 

Oluwaseun is an accountability guru, and she helps visionaries and leaders create an architecture of accountability in their lives. She is also an academic mentor who mentors university students, helping them crack the code to succeed and avail themselves of the opportunities open to them. 

Oluwaseun is multicultural and believes in the power of connectivity, bringing people from diverse cultures together.  

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