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Adekemi Adeoye

Adekemi Adeoye is a certified IAC Masteries Practitioner™. She is a United Nations Global Champion and a member of the ForbesBLK. 

She is a top-tier trainer in a project that empowers 1000 youths and women quarterly in tech-enabled Agribusiness, and she actively mentors leveraging accountability culture.

She is goal-oriented, action-biased, and people-focused. She utilizes her vast experience in business development and analysis, combined with her mastery of coaching and corporate leadership, to help individuals and institutions upscale, trigger transformation, and elevate impact. 

As a life coach and speaker with a background in sustainable development, she has contributed a significant quota to diverse sectors like academics, non-profits, social and development agencies and has over seven years of experience. 

With an insight into social impact, she pioneered an initiative for out-of-school children, which has now evolved into a tuition-free school for children in low-income communities and literacy classes for adults to facilitate circular development. 

She believes that no matter how much the world has changed, people won’t run on autopilot. People still need some mentoring, some monitoring, and some meaningful interaction. And coaching has earned its merits.

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