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Ife Freeman

Corporate Brand, Personal& Professional Coach

Ife Freeman is a Life-Work Optimisation Coach, Podcaster, Speaker, Author, Health, Safety and Emergency Management Professional. 

As a Life-Work Optimisation Coach, she helps young professionals and mothers re-engineer their mindset for success, co-create systems, structures and processes that allow them to balance career, family, business and everything in between. 

As a podcaster, she has two podcast series, “The Abigail Code” for women in challenging marriages and “Read Along with me” – an audio devotional for kids. 

She has written two books – a Productivity Journal and a Devotional for Kids. Ife believes that all things can be achieved with the right structure in place.

She speaks to teams within small businesses and large scale organizations to foster productivity and continuous improvement. 

Ife is married and has two adorable kids.

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