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Bisola Adebajo-Nathaniel

Bisola Adebajo-Nathaniel is a lighthouse, a visionary and one of Canada’s top Influential women with a mission to touch lives by adding value to everyone she comes in contact with. She is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a unique blend of a legal background and a passion for coaching, motivational speaking, and empowering women. 

She is certified as a Trauma Informed Coach, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, and certified IAC Masteries  Practitioner™; Bisola is dedicated to helping individuals realize their potential, specializing in supporting women who have faced abuse and adversity. Through her work, she offers a multifaceted approach to mental health, productivity, and spirituality, guiding individuals to navigate life’s challenges with clarity, purpose, and resilience.

 Her mission is to touch lives by adding value to everyone she encounters, particularly focusing on encouraging and motivating women who feel lost, broken, and in need of balance. She is the author of two books and the host of the podcast Finding Julie, which is aimed at mental health and self-help. 

Bisola is married and raising future world leaders with joy.

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