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Stella Anthony Ezeanya

Health, Wellness & Wholeness Coach

Stella Anthony Ezeanya, a seasoned Customer Service Expert, brings over nine years of experience excelling in world-class customer satisfaction. She is a master in de-escalation, conflict resolution, product knowledge, voice modulation, tonality, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence.

As a mindset Coach, Stella guides individuals to live their best life in the moment, especially amid disruptions and difficult seasons. Her mantra is that “life is always happening for us, not to us, and we can train our minds to serve us.”

Certified as a Coaching Masteries Practitioner™ and a proud member of the International Association of Coaching, USA, Stella has served as a Support Coach with the IMMERSE Coaching Company. Additionally, she serves as a Business Coach in an Online Business Coaching Community.

Stella is an unapologetic Christian, God’s rising star, and a Kingdom-minded Lady. Always ready to contribute time, resources, skills, and creativity to the Kingdom of God’s agenda. Stella currently serves as the Canada Tribe City Rep of Just Us Girls Global Network. A lifelong learner, lover of people, dance enthusiast and encourager. She embodies a positive and impactful approach to life.

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