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Tomiisin Balogun

Tomiisin Balogun is a renowned Emotional Wellness Counsellor and Coach, one of Africa’s Top Global Voices in the Emotional Wellness space. 

She is Certified by the International Association of Coaching (IAC), USA. At the core of her Vision is helping women reclaim their JOY, providing them with the tools, resources and support they need to HEAL, thrive and become the best JOYful version of themselves. 

Her Coaching and Counselling career spans through serving with one of Africa’s Leading Coaching Companies as a Support Coach, Supervisor, and Resident Mentor, as well as her private practice and she has led and handheld several women on their journey to Healing, JOY and Transformation. 

She is a Speaker and a Corporate Trainer, training teams to be Emotionally Empowered for Productivity. Her corporate career also spans through years of experience in IT Project Management, Research, Training and Consulting.

Tomiisin is the Author of the best-selling ‘Purposeful Pain’, a powerful masterpiece of Hope and a teaching tool for rising from Pain into Purpose. She is the Project Lead of #ProjectHope, a mental health awareness impact project providing women with resources for Healing.

An Egypt-based Young African mum of ‘Young Triplets’, Tomiisin juggles Marriage, Motherhood, Ministry and Mentoring with JOY. She is married to Simeon, a Strategy & Innovation Expert and a Pan-Africanist.

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