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Anuoluwapo Jolaoso

Personal & Professional Growth

Anuoluwapo Jolaoso is a seasoned environmentalist, educator, researcher, life coach, speaker, and ministry gift. Her doctorate in Environmental Biology propels her vision for a pristine, sustainable African continent, fostering the holistic well-being of its people.

As a certified Masteries Practitioner by the International Association of Coaching, USA, and a Personal Growth Coach, Anuoluwapo is driven by a fervent desire to see women lead more fulfilling, purpose-driven lives. Her unique coaching approach blends cutting-edge techniques, authenticity, compassion, and proven strategies, guiding clients through transformative journeys of self-discovery, heightened self-awareness, and profound self-improvement. Tailored to individual strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations, her approach ignites personal growth and empowerment, equipping clients with tools to set clear goals, cultivate resilience, and embrace positive habits for profound paths of self-confidence and meaningful growth.

For over a decade, Anuoluwapo has served as a ministry gift within the Women of Wisdom ministry, where she imparts invaluable wisdom and mentorship to women. Her teachings equip women to cultivate their lives and homes, enabling them to emerge as influential agents of positive change and nation-builders.

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