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Learn To Own The Storms You Face

In a time of prayer recently, I was seeking the Lord for direction and instruction in this unique season. Even though many things in the natural are currently very shaky and many are experiencing fear and difficulty, in the midst of uncertainty I am still excited encouraged. I am still looking forward to what God will do once this season passes.

I asked the Lord why I was still feeling this way in light of everything that is going on in the world and He said, “You own the storm.”

I believe we each need to ask ourselves, “Do I own the storm or does the storm own me?” This is not a time to shrink back in fear or to be overcome by anxiety. This is a season where God is calling us as His people to own the storm!

The disciplines and habits you have in your life will determine how you weather a storm. When we are faithful in the place of prayer and tapped into the voice of God we will not be shaken by natural circumstances or difficult seasons. Two individuals can face the same adversity and one will adapt and advance while the other will break down and be destroyed.

Why is that? I believe it is because one knows how to own the storm and the other only knows how to let the storm own them.

Are you owning the storm or allowing the storm to own you? As believers, we have the power and authority to face and defeat anything that life or the enemy may throw our way. You can own any storm you may face because God is with you!

We must learn how to own the storms we face. We must prepare ourselves in the good times for the more difficult times that may lie ahead. If we lock-in in the place of prayer and declare what heaven is saying over us and our circumstances, we can grow through any storm instead of simply just going through it.

You can feel encouraged and strengthened in the midst of any storm by walking closely with the Lord and focusing on what God is saying instead of whatever may be happening in the natural. As sons and daughters of God, we must use the authority that God has given us and speak to every storm that comes our way. We have power over any situation, test, trial or tribulation we may face. When a storm comes, we fight in prayer and in faith. We encourage ourselves in the Lord and believe the prophetic promises He has spoken over our lives. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to own any storm because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!

I believe if we steward this current season well and if we own this storm, we will see the church of America have an unbelievable breakthrough. We will see awakening and revival sweep across this nation and nations of the earth if we learn how to own this storm.

This storm will pass and the church will rise to advance the kingdom of God like never before. Own the storm and the next season will be full of fulfilled promises and incredible breakthroughs. Get ready and own the storm!

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