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Overcomer by The Kendrick Brothers

It’s beautiful to know that even with letting down our hair and unwinding, we can be intentional and come away from those moments of rest with so much Inspiration and a revival of some sort. This was my experience one fine Sunday evening when my husband and I decided to pick the movie Overcomer for our movie night. I’d share some highpoints that shook us up intensely.

1.Bleak circumstances don’t always mean God is absent or punishing you:

Sometimes we are so fixed in our mindset about how and what a perfect life should be but time and time again, God upsets those unfounded expectations.  Coach Harrison is at a dead end as the movie unfurls. One after the other, members of the team he coaches move away to other cities till the team thins out of existence. How on Earth does God even have any plans woven into all that deadness? From the bleakness that surrounds him, God begins to weave out His grand design with the threads of seeming isolated events. Would he have stepped into such a deeply satisfying sense of purpose had everything been rosy?

May we always see beyond our mental calculations and trust God’s agenda that is always better than ours.

2. When God is in it, nothing is an accident!:

My eyes were opened afresh to how that with God, nothing is an accident! That scene where Coach Harrison is waiting in the corridors of a hospital is so profound. His pastor who goes into a room that was too crowded for more than one person asks him to hold on outside till he’s done. While standing by the corridor and trying to avoid a trolly, Coach Harrison mistakenly pushes open a patient’s room. A seeming mistake but a singular action that steps up the plot of his life in ways he is not even prepared for! May we see God in all the seeming small events of the day. May we be so aligned that everything about our day means something eternally.

3. Knowing who we are:

Our identity! This was loud for me! Who are we? Really, who are we? Not what someone told us but that image of us that we have come to know deeply and personally.  When Coach Harrison is asked who he is, he honestly reels out the things that come first to him but Christian is at the bottom of the list. Was he a genuine Christian? Yes he was but his priorities were an issue. His conciousness was an issue. The things we give our hearts to, the things society defines us by have slowly led a lot of us Christians into passive denial of Jesus. We are unconsciously embarrassed to say we are identified with him.

 We wrap it up with, “I don’t want to throw the Bible in people’s faces”. But we don’t even have to throw the Bible! If we are truly prioritising Jesus, it will spill over naturally. Maybe it’s because we are not truly living for him in private? See Mr Thomas , he doesn’t throw scriptures in coach Harrison’s face but there is such an aura around him. When he begins to speak, it feels like Jesus walks in! May we reclaim our place and truly live a life where Jesus is at the center beyond us just quoting scripture.

Then the scene where Hannah walks into the auditioning room and begins to speak about who she is. Oooh! We cried hard here! She sits with the book of Ephesians and this clueless ,lonely, asthmatic teengage girl is turned into another girl! She comes alive as truth takes a hold of her! May we find our real selves everytime we sit with the Bible. May it not just be a religious ritual.

4. Our businesses and careers are a powerful Chariot for making eternal impact:

This is so powerfully portrayed in the way Hannah begins her walk with Jesus! This scene pumps another round of tears from hubby and me. That is what true soul winning is. A life changed. A life transformed. A life that encounters Jesus. Not just a figure we tick off on a soul winning card. Not a number we just add to the chart so our pastor will get off our back but a life that is truly added in Heaven. May our lights shine this brightly. May we lead men, not just to church for formality but to Jesus and a God who is able to change a timid teenger to a fearless overcomer.

5. The Power of listening to the right voice!:

The race scene kept me at the edge of my seat. Did the race become less challenging ? Not at all but plugged to the voice of Mr Thomas all through the defining Moments of that race, Hannah is piloted by a gusher of inspiration and the power of the voice of one who has walked the road she now walks. She rides on the strength of a life coach and races into resounding victory! Who is speaking to you? Who is cheering you on? In your race of life what voices are speaking to you?

As the end credits rolled away on the screen, it left me deeply sober and pondering deeply on how the lessons relate to my life. One of the questions it left iny heart was this: Can God trust us to be key players in the complex plot that surrounds the characters in the story of our day to day life like in the movie? May we stay vigilant and open to the role we must play; a role that leads to many happy ever Afters not just on this side of life but eternally.

Written by Meekay Writes

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