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The Blessing Carrier

A few years ago, an employee who was comfortable and satisfied with what she earned was dealt the blow of retrenchment. She never prepared for it, and it was a devastating period for her. She did all she could to get her superiors to review her credentials. So she could be absorbed back into the company; but all efforts failed.

The company told her that they had been making losses faster than the gains, and that they needed to cut workers salaries and layoff some staff based on the terms of employment.

However, she had an alternative to take the job with the same company, but as a contract staff. She was faced with the choice to either stay there or resign completely. She decided to take the offer to stay as a contract staff, which was not so enjoyable because it meant earning way less than her former income.

She took this issue to God, then forgave the company and her bosses after discovering that it was a conspiracy of some sorts. It was difficult though, but she was able to overcome. She later got a job with a MultiNational Company a year after that, and it was indeed a higher level for her. She got justice from God.

When we seek to avenge man for the injustice, they do to us, we lose favor with God and it causes evil seeds – Hate, Bitterness, Unforgiveness, Envy, Unhealthy Competition and Strife- to spring up on our inside. These seeds, when they grow, keep God’s blessings away from us.

Our Fathers, Abraham and Isaac never allowed evil seeds  stop God’s blessing upon them and that’s why even when those amongst them repeatedly tried to trigger these evil seeds, they just simply let go, and handed them over to God.

Whereever we go, Gods blessing will always go with us, but when we decide to take with us the baggage caused by flawed human relationships, we are totally on our own. We have the power of choice. So you must at all times question your choices and its effects. Never lose sight of who and whose you are. You are the carrier of the blessing.

Wriiten by Eshastake

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