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The Power of Catalysis

Whenever I think about the fact that I lead leaders, I am in literal trepidation. They keep me moving, they push me, and my desire to see them stretch into new possibilities drive me! 

Leading leaders is a tall order, and I know some of you in my amazing community understand this so well. You are yourself a mentor to others, a voice of inspiration, a growing thought-leader and a visionary providing value for others. 

Sometimes, we wonder if our work counts. We wonder if what we provide is enough. We wonder if we are worth following. And today, I just want to share a simple phenomenon with you, that I believe has shaped how I respond to the daily quest to raise leaders. In a new world of courses, content, books and podcasts; you may almost worry that the market is already crowded and there is nothing new to say. Yes, there is nothing so new under the sun, and that is why your leadership must not be based merely on these things. Your leadership must be based on YOU. You today. You tomorrow. Who you are, what you truly believe in, the energy you possess, the future you see and the passion you carry for people. You see, even when you’re not writing a book or hosting a conference, your life is capable of birthing catalysis
Many times, our role is to be the catalyst. The factor that accelerates the rate of reaction! It is not necessarily that people are not already smart, strong and soaring when they come to you. But they come because everyone often needs that extra push, that positive charge, that inspirational support system. 
Sometimes, it takes just looking at how someone else is unrelenting with their own vision, for you to wake up and do your own dreams. This is at the heart of true leadership. CATALYSIS. To be a force for others, by being a force for your own self. To radically evolve so much that your transformation provides a new belief system about what is possible. To be the reason someone else believes, and has faith enough to risk the “impossible”. To speak your truth so consistently till your reality matches that conviction of possibility. 

This is more important than the rush to launch, the rush to count numbers, the rush to create products, the rush to buy the next tool for your digital empire! Chill!!!! When they come, what happens??? Of course, go build the EPIC business in your heart. But BUILD WITH LOVE. Put every iota of your being into transforming lives, elevating people and changing narratives.

Don’t google up stuff, and do la-cram-la-pour into some Course you create. Be the PERSON in the making, and put yourself under the creative tension of rising too, so that you can continue to model the message you’ve been given. 

Whatever you’ve been called to do. Whether it’s to quietly build your character this season, nurse your ailing parent, raise funds for your masters, start a fashion line, create a community for teenagers, write a series of books, launch that album, heal from your heartbreak, draw closer to God, lose weight, or simply stay in that job…whatever it is. POUR YOURSELF INTO THIS! You’re the message. You’re the story. You’re the product. You’re the content. You’re the energy. You’re the liquid metal…sorry. Hahahahah!!! You sha get!? This is how legacies are birthed. From a place of authenticity, truth, sweat, passion and love. 

Thank you for letting me build a legacy that has you in it! As at today, we are a 40, 000+ community of visionary men and women in 99 countries. I’ve founded a tech-driven global coaching community for those who would change the world!  I started with that first course in August 2014 just because I wanted women to be free of the baggage and weights so they could move into a life of purpose. I am forever thankful to Deola Babatunde, Alexandra Femi-Ademola and 18 other crazy girls who paid me to coach them for 30 Days. That’s how we started, see where we are now. But here’s the bigger joy – see where we are headed. And you’re part of that future. I am joyfully walking with you into a great tomorrow. You’d be so proud of who you’d become. I can’t wait to welcome you back into the Inner Circle next month.

I am a Force of Nature. You are a Force of Nature! Let us COLLIDE some more.  I love you and thank you for letting me share my life with you,
written by DDK   

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