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6 Practical Insights for the Future-forward Female || DDK

Dear Future-forward female,

You can step into opportunities NOW! You can stand at the threshold of global possibilities, borderless platforms and significant doors for thought-leadership, expert-knowledge transfer, transboundary trade and value multiplication! If you do the following:

Take your gift to School –  Before you take your gift to the Market, take it to School. Get the education and empowerment that shift your skills into a powerhouse of expertise + experience + excellent execution! Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Ship your Competence – Think global. Leverage technology and exponential networks to open doors into new arenas, markets, international spaces and communities. Create the bridges between your brilliance and your audience.

How can you start thinking global? If you are in Inner Circle, under the Live Awake Conference folder, you will find a John Obidi’s session that speaks to cultivating a global mindset. The session is titled – GLOBAL MINDSET: Riding on the Waves of Disruption by John Obidi. If you are not in the Inner Circle yet, please join the Waiting list so you can start shipping your competence.

Embrace a Strong Impact – Build credibility through your work, by delivering tested transformation. Until your crack where the solution really is; don’t stop! Solve real problems, move your consumers/beneficiaries/clients from specified points A to B, in a way that truly elevates their outcomes.

Invest in your Belief System –  Become immersed in the conviction of your position and placement as a potentially powerful leader in whatever context you find yourself. What you have in your favour is greater than what is against you. This is why IMMERSE Inner Circle exists! Our transformational courses will set you up for the successful fulfilment of your authentic purpose and destiny.

If you are not in the Inner Circle yet, you can join the Waiting List

Utilize the Power of a Compelling Vision to create a new world order – If you want to learn all about utilizing the power of a compelling vision to create a new world order, you should check this amazing course out.

Rally a vibrant troop of believers and crusaders behind your crazy idea – You can only do this if you believe in your crazy idea. On the other hand, you can find that crazy idea to rally yourself behind! You don’t always have to be the Founder (louder for the people at the back)! 

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