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A Surefire Template for Managing Crisis

The ability to breathe is what keeps a Human LIFE alive! And God is the ‘breath of life’.

As we all grapple with the current global situation and prepare for a new world order allowed and defined by God Almighty, let’s take along with us life lessons and create a template that will help us successfully navigate any personal, organizational or community crisis we may experience in the days/months/years ahead.


The presence of calm even in the storm, in the fiercest of whirlwind, in the unexpected chaos of life. As we have seen over the last few weeks, an unseen enemy has threatened the health, economic, social and psychological well-being of mankind.

If you will take a cue from how world leaders have made decisions through this crisis, you will recognize the importance of peace/calm when making decisions. Decisions that emanate out of panic and fear are filled with emotions, lead to further chaos, poor use of resources and amplified stress. Peace is required to walk through a crisis and come out with little or no damage.

To attain peace, you must first acknowledge all the range of emotions you are feeling, then walk through it by understanding why you feel so without passing judgement on yourself. Judge the situation not yourself, this brings you calm and quietness.

When you transit into a state of quietness and confidence, you find the strength to think through the crisis. In this place of strength, you can return to your archives, reflecting on how you survived past minor and major crisis. You review what worked, what you must adjust and sketch up a template on how to navigate these present times.

You may have to discipline yourself into quietness by shutting out external noise (information from unverified source, opinions from non-experts). Then, tune in to your intuition, verified sources of information based on evidence from history/ongoing situation, assess the existing problems, potential challenges, make an action plan based on your needs and works (what you must do), what others can do for you(e.g. insurance) and faith in God because He never fails.

Jesus left His peace with us all, rest in it. Be Alert and Relaxed!


As you allow the peace of God saturate your mind and atmosphere, you have entrusted your total well being and the protection of all that is yours in His able care.

Your Mind is secured in His care. You will see clearly what tangible and intangible things must be protected and how to protect/preserve them.

Your Health comes as top priority always. Ask yourself what is needed to stay healthy in

Spirit Peace, Revelation, word of wisdom and knowledge. Stay with the word of God;

Soul Spouse, children, family members, friends, relationships and community;

Body Food, shelter, exercise, vitamins and other household essentials.

Your Finance is essential to maintain a good standard of living during and beyond this crisis. It is wise not to incur expenses you can avoid by buying/renewing your insurance. In the event of any unbudgeted expenses, insurance pays on your behalf and you remain liquid. It is necessary to keep liquid cash at hand (paper cash & funds in bank account).

Jesus promised to be your shield and the glory in your midst. Believe Him!


Inner peace makes room for clarity, and creates an an aura of silent gratitude. A cheerful disposition helps you recognize what is available to you as provision and how best to deploy through surviving the period of crisis. You should strive to think of provision beyond finance as this helps you see the resources (human &material) available to you and information that empowers you to make accurate decision.

The presence of family and friends through a crisis is provision of a dependable support structure. Negotiating reduced percentage on bills or differed payment is a provision of ease in your affairs. Wise counsel that empowers you to make accurate and well timed decisions is an expression and provision of God’s kindness towards you. He saves you from the stress and loss of resources.

Jesus supplies all of your needs. Provision beyond money. Ask Him!


The sheer beauty of a clear action plan surrendered to God most certainly will lead to prosperity. It means your plans are clear, outcome is well imagined and you daily take actions informed by intuition, verified information, impressions and witness of the spirit.

You were preserved through the crisis, you can trust in the faithfulness of God, your diligence to principles of hardwork, and compassionate living that you will prosper spiritually, economically, socially, emotionally and mentally after the crisis.

Prosperity during and after a crisis is in the mundane and major things that sustains your quality of life. Count your blessings name them 1 by 1 and you will surely see what the Lord has done and is doing.

Jesus desires that you prosper in all aspects of life and live in good health. Enjoy it!

Fear not!

Written by Radiante

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