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Another Way To Deal With Anger

I heard a lady shouting “give me my phone” repeatedly just outside my compound. She seemed to be struggling and crying. On getting outside, I saw her the crying woman’s husband, the father of her baby,  shamelessly landing strong, heavy blows on her face in the full glare of other people.


Wow! Strong blows on the face of a woman? I felt sick to my stomach! I kept putting myself in her shoes.


When you mention things like this, some men rise up to quickly say that she must have provoked him by what she said or did. Well, they could be right but will two wrongs make a right?


Yes, there are women who quickly grab their husbands or boyfriends by the shirt and while hitting them simultaneously in the midst of a heated argument. In response, some men hit back, and some don’t. But the question really is, should she hit him and should he hit her back in response?


The truth is this: we all get angry at different times; we all have different ways of expressing our anger. However, what matters is not expressing our anger in destructive ways, either to ourselves or to others.


I remember an incident that occurred many years ago when I was in secondary school. I was having issues with one of my classmates. We faced each other and started exchanging words (it wasn’t a physical fight). The argument was so intense that all my emotions were involved. My heart started beating faster, and I was close to collapsing. I quickly spoke to myself, and withdrew from that scene.


Anger is deadly! The end point is always death if not managed well!


We need to look for constructive ways to express anger since it comes with a lot of energy seeking an outlet. 


Some shout, some cut themselves, some throw or destroy objects while some physically beat up the person they are angry at..


Do you get angry?


What ways have you expressed anger?


Do you complain a lot? 


Do little things upset you?


Do you keep grudges and have quite a number of people you hold in unforgiveness?


It’s time to deal with the way you manage or express your anger because it can not only messes you up but can also destroy everything you’ve worked for.


Are you single?

Are you married?

Do you have issues with anger?




The guy who was  beating up his wife in the open only left me to wonder what he could have done or will be doing behind closed doors. .


They are the kind of men who end up  killing their wives. Most of the death of so many people today wasn’t prearranged or intentional. Some were cases of anger not properly managed till it deteriorated. 

One of the best ways to manage anger is not speaking when angry, and leaving the scene if  the person that provoked you is close by.

Also, you can engage in some form of exercises. Call a close friend and just shift attention away from yourself.


Please don’t ignore. Do further research, seek counseling and secure your future.



Are there ways you’ve been able to successfully manage situations that made you angry? Please share below.


Written by Coach Tariah

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  1. Patience is key when you are trying to relate with to understand ,dont be quick to judge.Find better ways to avoid conflicts.Have a positive attitude towards them.Be at peace with all men.
    What will jesus do in every given situation? This will act as a guide before you take any decision.

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