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Be Patient With Your Evolution!

 Sometime ago, I was having such a heart-stirring conversation with a friend of mine and she said something so significant. “Debola, people see you today, and just want to “covet” what you carry, but I remember vividly you’ve been at this stuff since 2003.” The stuff she was speaking of in this case is MINISTRY. She was there, at PIT Theatre in May 2003, when we held the first God’s Great Girls’ Network Seminar (don’t laugh at the name o). Almost a hundred OAU students where in there with Bisola Longe, Marissa Okwo and Tola Dawodu, teaching us! My heart had always burned with passion to see young women rise and reign. We grew into a radical community of Christian ladies on that campus, and by 2007,
I went on to host the Purpose Discovery School for Young Women which ran for a whole month or so. 

From then till now, so much has evolved through Deborah Initiative for Women, FIREBRAND Movement, several Bible Courses and the 15 books I’ve been privileged to write. I’ve also spoken on hundreds of platforms in the last ten years, some internationally and some in villages you may not find on the map.  

IMMERSE Coaching Company started as “Life Academy for Women” in 2011 and I remember that very “large” Seminar we held with Jimi Tewe, Temitope Akinyemi, Seun David-Olurinde and myself with 20 women, showing them how to ELEVATE in life.  It’s been a journey, my love! A whole long journey! Everything is going to add up, but not immediately. You’d show fruits of your growth, but not immediately! Your transformation will shine through, but not immediately. You’d walk in that emotional healing and clarity you desire, but not immediately! Your gifts will grow to start paying you heavy, but not immediately. You’d gain greater platforms because of your Purpose, but not immediately. 

There is so much pressure around, to show something but don’t fall for it! The media is loud with polished posts, and perfect pictures; which is not a bad thing. But you must choose what they do to you! Don’t let images force you into a hurried hustle to PROVE A POINT. If you’re pregnant, you’d show! But it takes NINE MONTH to have a fully-formed baby.

Don’t rush it! I want you to however, look around for the signs of growth! Don’t be fixated on your end goal that you miss the gradual but sure landmarks that you are becoming a totally UPGRADED woman!  You may not have 10 million naira in your account, but if you now have an IDEA in your mind that can generate it, then you’ve UPGRADED. You may not have the marriage of your dreams yet, but if you’re no longer angry but currently asking what you can personally do differently, then you’ve UPGRADED. You may not have launched your Business yet, but if you’re finally working on your Business Plan, then you’ve UPGRADED. If your emotions, thoughts, habits, actions, relationships and responses are changing, then your life is changing! Celebrate that! Honor your evolution, and be proud of how far you’ve come. 

Don’t forget also, if this year, you’ve met someone who has opened your eyes to things you never knew before; then A MAJOR MIRACLE HIT YOU! Don’t disregard that, because you still can’t afford that Louis Vuitton bag! So what are you thankful for today? Process or Proof? 

I love you and really thank you for letting me share my life with you! Have a beautiful week ahead! 

written by DDK  

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11 Responses

  1. A MAJOR MIRACLE HIT ME because I met DDK this year and became intentional about her coaching me and she has ever since enlightened me on different subject. I celebrate my process if evolving.

  2. I am grateful for my process, I am pregnant, I am showing and my baby is forming. I will birth a world renowned innovative new. Something big Hit me cause I am deliberate and intentional about DDK as my mentor and everything I’m learning at the immerse inner circle.

  3. Awesome write up. I am have upgraded Yes!. My emotions, thoughts, responses and actions have changed and are still changing.

  4. Yes, A MAJOR MIRACLE JUST HIT ME TODAY. Thank You God for giving the Privileges to Upgrade my Process. I Know it might take time but It Gonna be Worth it because I WILL IMMERSE AND SHINE AND WIN AT THE END.

    Thank you DDK for Loving and Accepting Me even Though we haven’t met…YET but Some Day, I Hope that I’ll meet with you in Person and Say “DDK Ma’am You are One of the Greatest MIRACLE THAT HIT ME IN THE YEAR 2022, Youand My Mother❤

    You have No Idea How all These especially your Words Means so so much to me Especially in my Darkest Moments in 2022, But Some Day Hopefully, I will Tell you all My Life Stories and How You are One of those Special Person in My Life Process, that God Uses to help me IMMERSE…


    With so Much Faith and Hope and Love, EST✌

  5. Yes! I have upgraded. I am upgrading and I’m loving every experience! The person I am now is NOT the same I was last year or even at the beginning of this year.
    Results are great, but process is just as important.
    Thank you for reminding me of this.

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