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Book Review: You Are A What??? A Badass

You can start out with nothing, and out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made.”


This intro deals with spiritually awakening to the awesome stuff you are capable of achieving. It reflects the lukewarm motion-like state a lot of people are doing life with. Jen and a lot of us know we have  the innate capacity to do exploits if we put our mind to effective use.


This awakening scans through every field of your life to highlight areas that you are experiencing a huge degree of dissatisfaction. It is getting clear about what makes you happy and what makes you feel alive the most. You go from wanting to change your life to actually deciding and taking actions to change your life.


You will have to believe in the supernatural and your ability to achieve things you once considered impossible. Replace old limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs. Move past your fears, fail a few times and keep going on the journey to your grand success.


All you have to do is ‘make a decision’ to change your life and stick to the process regardless of the bumps on your road to change. Stay open in the process.


The most important decision starts with empowering yourself with commitment to change, next is to review your relationships and only keep those that will support your quest for a new you and a new life.


Chapter One Review


The first key to ridding yourself of limiting subconscious beliefs is to become aware of them! So get to work, do some soul searching. It’s deep work and has to be done by You for You.


Start by looking at the areas of your life that the results are not pleasing to you. Write out your beliefs and responses to corresponding events. If the results do not align, you have a limiting belief in your subconscious mind feeding your life with auto response.


The Holy Spirit is the person who makes the Universe favour You.  Embrace Him! It is a lot easier to improve your life by developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit and keeping an open mind. A God-perspective of spirituality gives awesome meaning to your physical experiences.


Certainly a relationship with God fills you up with positive vibrant energy which in turns flows into all your physical activities, producing amazing results by obeying the law of attraction. You attract the energy you vibe. Stay in the highest frequency that empowers your desire.



Chapter Two Review


Focus on that which makes you feel good and ye shall attract what makes you feel good. Focus on your good to attract more of your good.


When you live in the present moment, you are at absolute peace. The more you practice being present and connected to the moment, the richer your life will be with amazing moments. Don’t be wrapped up in head thoughts that you miss what is available to you right now in the moment.



Chapter Three Review


Take occasional visits into the future to prepare for it and glances into the past to learn from it.    Don’t live by what-ifs and how-comes.


Ego can mean your false self that acts like a weenie. Self-sabotages, has an over bloated self-esteem and lives off external validation. In other words, there’s more than one way to go on an ego trip aka Big Snooze according to Jen. The big snooze keeps you confined according to the limiting realities your false self-beliefs have created.


Waking up from your big snooze makes you consciously aware of what is available to and for you. As you wake up, ready to make massive positive changes in your life, be ready to deal with disapproval from people especially those closest who care about you.



Your loved ones may express their discomfort at your fearlessness in varying forms, from anger to criticism to bafflement and abandonment. Even though these irritable expressions are out of love and concern, there’s an underlying smear of their fear and worry over your decision.


Don’t buy the bait!  Jen recommends you keep your mouth shut around those who will bring you and your new decisions down.


Big snooze is comfortable with you dwelling in the familiar. When you take definite actions to replace your old limiting beliefs with new empowering ones, be prepared for a battle within your spirit, soul, body and environment.


You win the battle by focusing your energy on the new empowering beliefs and the realities it will create in your life.


Chapter Four Review


When taking great leaps forward, life often turns to shit (undesirable events) before it turns to shinola (pleasurable events and outcomes).



It takes same amount of energy and focus to believe in your good and bad. Choose the good, great and awesomeness in You! Don’t torture yourself with negative, demeaning, unworthy, horrible self-talk and thoughts.


The kind and glorifying thoughts you express towards others when they achieve their goals; you think of them as being phenomenal. Think of yourself in this dimension and grace.



Chapter Five Review


Embrace your magnificently delightful self! Become one of your own die-hard fans. Perceive your own awesomeness. You are a badass. You are loved ferociously and unconditionally. You are the only You there is and will ever be. Don’t deny the world of your awesomeness and the chance to bask in your Brilliance.


Written by Radiante


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