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Celebrating Inner Circle Members’ Milestones!

Today, we are going to be all about celebrating our members who are already taking significant steps towards acing their NBTs (Next Big Thing)

Temitope from Create Squad has aced her first NBT goal! Here is her story:

Situation report on my NBT; 1 E-book down

15 days to Wellness is a book that covers the 8 pillars/dimensions of wellness as it relates to the whole man.

This was spurred from my self discovery journey that started when I joined the inner circle. My first shift was from Acceleration Intensive in October 2019 and I’ve not been the same since then.

I’ve been able to draw from all these insights within that has been redundant for years .

This is so encouraging and amazing at the same time.

You can download this resource here:

Her free download is available for a limited time before she moves to Amazon.


And we have more wins to celebrate still from the Create Squad (they didn’t come to play ooo)


Tara Koko, the passionate creative with an upbeat attitude, bright smile and contagious energy, as she likes to be described, has released her book “ BREAK THE JINX! The relatable Business Foundation book for Successful Start-ups”


She wrote this book because she knows what it it feels like when your bright, fantastic idea falls flat soon after you committed all the time, money and determination you had into it.

And because she has lived that nightmare more than once, she wants to teach you HOW SHE BROKE THE JINX and how you can do it too!


Click here the link below for a free copy:


Finally for today, the Amazing Maya has released a book for young teenage girls! Yaay! We are so excited about this too. And you can access the free copy by clicking this link:


Plus, we totally love this book cover:




We hope you have been inspired and encouraged by these amazing stories.


Thank you for reading Ladies!




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