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Dealing With Fear

“Fear is a major hindrance.

Fear will keep you from achieving your dreams.

It will keep you from living your best life.”

These may seem like one of those talks we’re used to. But it doesn’t mean that it isn’t the truth.

A few days ago, I boarded one of the Lagos yellow buses on my way from work. I had a not-the-routine kind of experience.

Two passengers sitting behind me kept shouting at the driver, asking that he be more careful with his driving. Honestly, I was quite uncomfortable with the speed.

But what struck me the most were the stories they were recounting. There was a recount of accident history and other fearful tales.

Of course, I didn’t set out to actually listen to the stories. But at some point, I was involved.

The end result of listening was the different scenarios I started creating in my head.

“What if we have an accident?

What if the bus starts to summersault?

What if something happens to one of the tyres?”

Would you blame me? Their talks has brought about fears in my heart. And my mind was beginning to magnify it.

When I realised this, I had to snap myself out of it.

I had to consciously get myself to believe that everything would be okay. That we would get to our destination safely.

Why am I recounting this?

Upon alighting and walking to my house, I realized that what just happened to me could happen to anyone else.

This is what a lot of people go through daily. And unconsciously, this is how
fear is built up in them, creating strongholds and barriers and invariably stopping them from dreaming big and living their best lives.

As we go through our daily activities, it will be impossible not to interact with

What we shouldn’t do though, is to allow what they say or do infuse fear in our hearts.

Learn to take charge of what you allow into your mind.

Learn to guard your heart with all diligence

Only take in the things that will boost confidence.

Because you’re what you think in your mind.

Written by Adegoke Olawunmi.

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