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Dealing With Fear

No doubt, fear has been the major hindering factor that stops people from achieving their
dreams and living their best lives. This may seem like one of those normal talks we hear
every now and then, but how come most people are still gripped by this self-limiting

Some days ago, I was inside one of those Lagos public transport buses on my way from
work, and I had an experience. While we were journeying, I kept hearing the 2 passengers
just behind me shouting that the driver should be a little bit more careful with his
driving. And sincerely, it wasn’t like the driver was speeding, but all they were saying was
accidents and all the kind of evil things that could happen when one is travelling on the road
listing out the history of how one road accident occurred to the other.

At first, I was not paying attention to what they were saying, but after some time, I started
listening. No sooner than later, their talks started infiltrating fear into me. I started reasoning
within me, what if we actually have an accident? What if the tyres of the bus burst and
the bus start somersaulting.
You wouldn’t blame me, their talks had infused fear into me, and my mind began to magnify
it. I had to consciously get myself out of that state, to believe that everything would be ok,
and we would arrive at our destination safely.
Why did I say this story?
As I alighted from the bus trekking home, I realized that what just happened to me could
happen to anyone else. This is what people go through daily, and unconsciously, this is how
fear is built up in them, creating strongholds and barriers and invariably stopping them from
dreaming big and living their best lives.
Why we should not give in to fear
Of a truth, as we go through our everyday activities, it is impossible not to interact with
people, save you want to be living alone on the moon. And just like my experience, we would
get to meet with people and interact with them. But we should never allow what they say or
do infuse fear in us because ultimately, what we believe shows how our lives will eventually
turn out.

What then should we do about fear?
In every situation, the very first step to gaining victory over what you are experiencing is to
first develop yourself and your mind to control what goes in and out. Once you find yourself
in a fearful situation, when you are surrounded with things that can make you feel afraid,
consciously place a guard over your mind and the things that you allow into yourself.

What happens most times, is that people allow their minds to accept just anything that comes
into it. This shouldn’t be so. Even the Holy Bible says this, guard your heart with all

Having taken charge of the kind of things you allow into your mind, you also need to feed
your mind with the right kinds of stuff that will boost your confidence. This can be by
reading helpful books, talking to people, listening to great speeches, sermons etc. Basically,
what you are doing is training your mind to withstand any kind of fear.
In Conclusion
In whatever situation you find yourself, always remember, you are not helpless, you can
always rise and live above limitations. 

So here is my charge to you today, rise and live above fear.

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