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Dear Single Lady, Don’t Settle

Sniffling into a soggy tissue and curled up on the sofa like your life has been shattered to tiny bits and pieces is not an uncommon sight when this heart wrenching sight is caused by some dude who waltzed into your life (or maybe you waltzed into his) and suddenly pulls the plug while you’re in the middle of the butterflies- in- your- tummy feeling.

You may have been the one intoxicated by what you shared or what you thought you shared, while he just sat there, simmering down daily to a passive participant in your Cinderella story. Here’s why you should get out of that sofa and out of that emotional corner:

If he doesn’t chase you like Jesus chased us and lay down his life for us, you’re not meant to be his bride.

If a man didn’t see value in you enough to stick with you, he wasn’t meant to see it. The man who has the description of his address knows he has arrived when he gets to the destination.

That man who has you as the description of his heart’s destination will pull over the moment he sees you. Wait for him.

Don’t feel bad that the ex guy didn’t want you enough to wait for you. Be thankful that he was kind enough to not lead you into a married life of painfully enduring each other.

Two hearts that are meant to sing life’s duet together will not be struggling over the wrong keys and wrong notes. They meet somewhere where their songs are an unforced rhythm of love. Wait for your song. Life after the vows is too long a time to sing someone else’s song.

Define your life and worth not by who came, who left or who didn’t come, but by God’s love for you, your identity in Him, and His plans for you. Seek Him. Place Him above all else. Find wholeness in Him because only two whole people can wholly become one in the end.

While waiting, never forget that you are loved!.

Written by Meekay Writes

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