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My Special Piece to you this week is a little tip. “DISEMPOWER YOUR LIMITATIONS!”  Many times, when people sit with me and share their challenges or seek a roadmap for moving their lives ahead; I hear the desire for growth, but I also hear the respect they have for their limitations. We all do this thing! We all do it!

We know we want to rise, change our experiences, step into new opportunities, achieve our goals, build working systems, expand our business, get investment or make our relationships successful. Whatever it is, there is a better day you’re aspiring to, more times than not. 

However, underneath that desire and pursuit, is this quiet (sometimes loud) fear for the Limitation that has confronted you for the longest time. You want to move your career to the next level but your 2’2 plus a Master’s degree in a Nigerian Uni keeps making you disbelieve your Super Power! You want to make your marriage better, but the crisis of his past infidelity keeps you holding back… just too scared to trust. You want to make more money, but you have self-doubts because of your debts and history of financial challenges. 

Basically, we all have these things. A reason that your mind gives you about why you can’t move beyond the current level. Sometimes very legitimate, real, active, current reason why you don’t deserve what you desire. You see, you can DISEMPOWER that LIMITATION in your mind even before anything changes on the outside. 

Use these 3 simple but strategic tools: 

1. Leverage Knowledge: This is an ancient weapon. Educate your illiteracy. Heal your dysfunction. Argue with your arguments. Convince your doubts. Enlighten your confusion. Demystify your curiosity.  Ask questions and pursue answers by gaining enormous knowledge. If you see successful people, and your mind pulls the card “well, it’s because she went to Harvard na!” Don’t wakapass from that wicked thought. Stay there and engage. Be like “For real? Is every successful person I know a Harvard Grad, or an Ivy League Grad?” If the answer is NO. Find one of them, ask questions and allow LIGHT to ventilate that LIMITATION. Do it again and again till you start to see the doubt lift in your mind. Read wide, but also read deep. To do this means to take a pressing learning need in your life or mind; and tabernacle there till you start to see differently. It works!  

2. Gather Evidence: Don’t just have emotional conversations in your mind, have logical ones too! Let’s say every time you want to reach out to people, and build meaning alliances; your mind sends you all the red alerts screaming “Don’t trust! People will steal your ideas and run away. They’d break your heart. She will think you are begging for her love now…” Whatever! Be like “For real? Do I have any one proof in my life that not everyone tries to take advantage? Has there ever been a time someone helped me without seeking something in return?” Drill down and gather evidence. It is likely you’d find a counter-argument to your LIMITING BELIEF. 

3. Operation D.I.A: Yep! Do It Afraid! This is the most valid and effective way to actually kill your fears before it kills you! It is literally like taking your mental limitations to the firing squad and blowing the brains off that silly thing. Gosh!!! Your Mind is your PowerHouse, so stop having a romantic affairs with the lies crowding your mind. Do it! Do it! Do it! I tell you what, sometimes, the reason we go with gusto for our dreams is first to tell ourselves that we are made of gold mixed with steel, laced with wonder and served with love!!! We do it to say to the lie in our heads, “Don’t ever ever interrupt me when I am busying creating something EPIC for the whole wide world!!” *tongueout!!* That’s how I launched IMMERSE Inner Circle….BASICALLY! I LAUNCHED IT AFRAID. So there you have it . 

It is your responsibility to steal the power off what’s stealing the power off you. What are you going to do with this Truth? I love you and really thank you for letting me share my life with you! Have a beautiful weekend!

Written by DDK 

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