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Elizabeth, the Chess Lover

Ladies, our member spotlight for this week turns on the pretty Elizabeth Mama Omoworare *drum rolls*.

She currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria

She is a  Telecoms Specialist, a consultant, a blogger, an enthusiast for Fintech, and healthy relationships (She recently started podcasting about this on Anchor).

Her blogposts can be seen at and her social media handles are as follows:

Instagram (@eshasstake), Twitter(@eshastake),YouTube(eshastake), Anchor (eshastake), Facebook (eshastake)/Elizabeth Omoworare

She’s currently working on an online course, and she recently wrote a book titled “Mind Games of A Broken Heart” which she is planning to publish on Amazon soon. How awesome is this? See the book cover below:

This book shows singles who have been through trauma/heartbreaks useful strategies for navigating life afterwards. She wrote this book because she has a heart for ladies, and women who have been through heartbreaks and are ready to heal.

Her coaching squad is CREATE ( All CREATE Squad members can give a shout out here. lol!)

Her favourite Inner Circle course is?? EPIC EQUILIBRIUM. And here’s why it is her favourite course:

As a career lady, more often than not, a balance between career and family is one question that always comes to mind. DDK just breaks it all down into perspective. So good! And I love her so much. How to go about it based on the systems that has worked for her. It’s been loads of eureka moments since I joined IMMERSE Inner Circle. Thanks so much!

Elizabeth was born on the 9th October, XXXX, and she says her birth month is special because Legends are born in October which is far from the regular, and particularly for disruptors. Awemazing right?

We also asked her what are expectations were as an Inner Circle member. Here is what she said:

As a go getter woman, I more than ever desire to flow with my multiple intelligences , influence my tribe, embrace my super powers and work with God who wired my inner matrix to best suite my assignment. Prepare myself as a womb ready to be implanted of God’s vision.

Here are some fun facts about Elizabeth:

I love to Read, play chess, write, travel and I am obsessed with financial literacy . I love to motivate people to live the Epic life, embrace their DNA and flow as legends.

If you are a lover of chess, you can probably challenge Elizabeth to a game of chess. Lol!

And that will be all for now.

A big shout out to Elizabeth for doing this with us. We are so proud of you!

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