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Emike Osumah, the Lover of Detective Stories

Ladies, we are happy to announce to you that our member spotlight for this week turns on Emike Osumah, the Lover of Detective Stories *drum rolls*.

She currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria

She is a Creative Writer, and a blogger. She is also an IMMERSE Inner Circle Blog Contributor

(If you have not been reading our blog posts,by the way, you had better repent).

You can find her books at She writes the best stories and articles.

Her coaching squad is CATALYZE ( All CATALYZE Squad members can give a shout out here. lol!)

Guess what her favourite course is?? DOABILITY Coaching Series. If this is your favourite too, you can comment below.

Emike was born on the 2nd of April! Yesterday was her birthday!! And she said being born in April makes it a special month already. Do you agree with her? Yes or yes? Because no one argues with the celebrant.  lol!

We also asked her what are expectations were as an Inner Circle member. Here is what she said:

I’m looking forward to undeniable and continuous upgrade into the next best version of myself

Here are some fun facts about Emike:

I love detective stories. I’m a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes series.

We can see that Emike is obviously a lover of all things series. So cool!

And that will be all for now.

A big shout out to Emike for doing this with us. We are so proud of you!

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