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Girl, Know Thyself

We individually have that one thing we love to do. But is it that what really defines you? When people ask us what we do? We often confine ourselves to that 9-5 job or that side business. But there is a whole lot to our lives that we have to discover and fan to flame.

We have specific women in our world today that have discovered what their lives are about and have been able to groom it to a level where the world has become excited about them and their achievements. But it took just one step of identifying who and whose they were..

Michelle Obama was just a regular girl somewhere that discovered who she was, and it permeated other parts of her life..

Ever been in that state where you are wondering, what is really special about me? Who am I?

This world of social media hasn’t helped with identity discovery. Rather, it has helped to increase the rate at which we compare ourselves with other people. The scripture says those who compare themselves with one another are not wise.

What do you think is the foundational problem in our relationships either with the same or opposite sex?

One time, I underwent a research where I interviewed about 30 women in my quest for knowledge.  I would be discussing the lifetime truths I learned from them. 

1) Identity

I discovered that the foundational problem of our relationships with other people is identity crisis. When people do not know who they are or what they stand for, it gives room for self-esteem issues whereby one word can alter a person’s mood for almost a week or even more! We have all been there.

Ever had an issue with these taxi guys or bike men? God! They piss you off so badly and you are like why am I exchanging words with them?

Anyways, the point is when you are super secure in yourself, you finally have control over your emotions. No one should have that much power over you but yourself.

2) The Secret Place

The issue of identity can not be put to rest without one cogent factor: the Holy Spirit. Anytime I find myself sad, down or generally not just my normal self, I know that my time with my most treasured person, the Holy Spirit,  is suffering. 

The secret place is a place of refreshing and renewal of mind. Why do we have the great men of old like Kenneth Hagin or even Jesus wield so much power in the Spirit realm? It was about priorities. They created time to be away to commune with God. 

Constant renewal of the mind. Constant feeding on the word. Constant time in the Spirit. They fed on what could carry them. 

What you don’t feed will die. You need to create time to be with God just the same way you need to create time to increase the level of intimacy with either your fiance or your husband. The Word and Prayer should be as food. You should feel like something is missing when you have not fed on the Word and Prayer. 

So, I know you do not have that luxury of time but prioritise your mornings. 30 mins won’t hurt.

3) Prayer

A whole lot happens in the place of prayer. There is an exchange of strength, confidence and ideas that you can’t explain. 

You gain so much confidence in the place of prayer knowing whose you are and this permeates your entire being. You can’t explain it, but you will just notice that there is so much difference in who you are.

Prayer is not something superficial. It is a time to chat with your maker and listen to Him speak to you. Ever wondered how you hear God so clearly when you are at a retreat? It’s like God came down and was conversing with you. But the moment you step out of there, the cares of life takes over. God cannot always wait for times of retreat to speak with you. He wants to communicate with you “on the go”.

I have a lot to share but I’ll keep it short and end here. The definition of what an art work is comes from the designer. So, your definition comes from your maker and you should stay in tune with Him. 

The goal is to find who you are and stay true to yourself. This is your race and you should run it well. You got just one life to live. Have fun, live the life and impact others. Never find yourself comparing yourself with others. It’s your race, the world is your center stage. Never forget that.

Written by The Girl Gang.

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