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Growth Pains

The phrase Change is a Good Thing typed on a piece of lined paper and pinned to a cork notice board

We desire change many times but when it begins to unfurl, our hearts dip or break into a frenzied beat as the new and unknown beckons.
Or maybe you are just good with the change and even excited about it but have to deal with the reaction of those in your day to day space as you dare to choose different.
Humans are bound to fight or kick against change. Something innate in us loves and clings desperately to the comfort zone we have always known; to the safety of ordinariness…even when we once prayed for the change that is now unfurling. It gets even more tangled when the people in your life become the ones rebelling against the new that is breaking out . They will
vehemently oppose you when you dare to wave goodbye to mediocrity and dare to become more.
Dear Someone moving away from the known to the unknown, this is for you…
When Paul encountered Jesus, he conferred not with flesh and blood. He knew who he saw and what he heard.( Galatians 1:15-17)

Many times we get excited like Joseph and go announcing the vision of change that God has put in our hearts (Genesis 37:5). Guess what , those you thought will support you will be the first to tell you how crazy you are and if you’d keep asking for validation long enough, someone will finally convince you that you surely are crazy and you’d let go of a seed that could have become a forest.
Remember Jesus? This was the reaction people had about Him as He went about with His assignment…

“Isn’t this the carpenter? Isn’t this Mary’s son and the brother of James, Joseph,
Judas and Simon? Aren’t his sisters here with us?” And they took offense at him.(Mark 6:3 NIV)

In other words, they were saying, “Why is he trying to act like he is something special. Isn’t he just a carpenter’s son? Has he not always lived quietly among us so why the sudden hype?”
In fact, I’m almost certain their reaction was like this because of His silent years before public ministry began. He must have lived a quiet, uneventful life, no miracles, no crowds following, and Him just minding His father’s carpentry business.

Suddenly he shows up and begins to boldly declare that God was His father and that He was a king! He didn’t stop there, He began to match His audacious declarations with staggering miracles. This just didn’t sit well with people who had known Him for so long. But did that change the fact that who He was stepping out boldly to be was authentic? Not one bit!

So brace up, you’d probably never have any one slapping your back in support and popping thumbs up at you as you break forth into a new arena but all of that is okay because God’s clear Word to you is enough. RUN with it.

Written by Meekay Writes

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