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My Special Piece to you this week is a little tip. “HAVE A HOME VACAY!” Again and again, women say to me “I am just so tired and I deserve a vacation!” Yes, you do and you should! But let’s say you can’t leave home right now to treat yourself to a well-deserved holiday; how about we bring it home, and still get some of the healing vibes that come from restful vacations? 

Here are a few tips you can try. I have used some personally, and others; I hear they work and I might be considering soon. Let me know if you can make this weekend the Weekend of your Life! Hahahaha!!! Don’t forget that you are responsible for healing yourself and recovering your lost vitality!  

1. Unplug: I do this one a lot! Put away the phones, iPads, tablets and laptops!!! Can you? This is when you test your gadget-addiction. Devices can a source of stress, and if your goal is to rest and recover; then consider putting them away/ off and focus on family bonding or simply curl in to rest. I am thankful for the gift of Aunties like MoMo, Bukunmi, Tope, Tobi etc. who can come over to spend time with my children while I hide and heal! Gosh. Love you girls forever.  

2. Play with the Interior Decor: Consider moving things around in the living room this weekend, take out some of the stuff you don’t use or introduce a new painting in your bedroom! Just color it up, and by every means, make your space cleaner too! This simple exercise can give you a feeling of light and sunshine in your heart. Would you try this? 

3. Try a Totally New Kind of Fun: How about you and your spouse have an eat-in right inside the bedroom while reading a book to yourselves? This one bored my husband so much and he rolled his eyes too much. By the way, unplanned activities then occured!! Lol. So I don’t know but goal here is to try something you haven’t ever considered, or tried in a long time. Painting with the kids? Talent Hunt at home? Cooking competition? Or a House Party for your friends – asun and moimoi plus chapman and you’re good to go!!

4. Cinema at Home?: This is a personal favorite!!!! Get a Projector, and blast it on a plain wall in your room! Sit with parfait, or popcorn, ice cream, cold garri and groundnuts ….whatever gives you joy jare – then enjoy a movie that touches your soul! For me, Tyler Perry never ever fails to deliver. Yes! Have a Movie Hangout with your family, or all by yourself. Love it! 

5. Spa it Up!: Even if you don’t have a Jacuzzi; have a really warm bath with a fragranced body wash…then come out to scented candles in a lowly lit room and some music. Dress in house wear and read a novel you’d enjoy. Pamper you – this is the goal! Not every time deep goals! Lol. Please enjoy your weekend! I am off to do the same.PS: Dive into the videos, and give me feedback. I love you  and really thank you for letting me share my life with you! 

Written by DDK 

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