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Heartbeat vs Mindsets

Some months ago on Instagram, I wrote this:

“You like being SAFE that’s why you’re not SIGNIFICANT. Until you DECONSTRUCT a current reality, you can’t birth a brand new phase of your radical evolution.”

Let me leave the English behind and really break down what I mean. 

You see, the way to be ORDINARY is to respond to your mindset more than you respond to your heartbeat! Many times, when your inner light is burning bright at a big idea, your cultural conditioning and limiting beliefs will try to show up and strangle that vision with bare hands. This war is upon ALL of us!

Let me give you an example. You read about a Coaching Program, and ”something” inside your heart tells you “this is IT!!!” “I need this coaching. I want to shift my life but don’t know how.” But your bank balance will tell that “Na lie jo! You can google everything up!” “All these coaches, everybody be forming that they know something!” Then you back off and return to your safety. That’s a limiting mindset, killing you softly.

This legit happened to me too first time In 2018, I wanted to buy a $2, 000+ Program. And I cringed and cringed! But I eventually did. Literally, my LIFE ASCENDED!!

Here’s what I’ve discovered, no matter how hard you’ve worked, if you’re not experiencing a gradual or significant departure from where you were last year; then there are a few things God wants to show you.

This stuff is so real I could write a book on it. Do you know that there is often a tussle between your heart and your head. One is reaching for the stars, and building a castle on the streets of gold, while the other is calculating the price of pepper on Excel Spreadsheet. Of course, our heads are so useful because logical decisions help you prevent danger, rethink alternatives and verify an impulse. But you must know when it is taking over the Driver’s Seat!

Some of the biggest opportunities that broke open in my life happened, just because I followed the trail of my heartbeat. I allowed myself to be led in the direction of a relentless idea that was tucking at my soul, like a 2 year-old pulling your sleeves, asking for candies.

Let me share with you a few signs that might show you that your HEARTBEAT could lead you to something EPIC:

1. Random Conversations forming a Thread of Thought: In the course of one week, you’ve heard three people pay the same compliment, repeat the same words, talk about a certain idea or asked you to do something for them. Chill. Pay Attention!

2. An Idea That Won’t Leave You: Even when you’ve brushed it off as too ambitious, or you don’t have time to focus on it; it keeps coming back. It keeps playing in your mind! Give it some attention and affection. Get a Journal and write the Dream. That costs nothing, but it can change your life.

3. Love: People you love, things you love, places you love, experiences you love, seasons you love, meals you love! Love pulls you in the direction of possibilities. Pay closer attention to the things you naturally are in love with. There is a reason it counts to you when it is meaningless to others. SO move in the direction of love more….something grand awaits!

4. Curiosity: It won’t kill you, because well…you’re NOT a cat! Let me tell when you are likely at the brink of a breakthrough. The thing that makes you sleepless because you’re researching into something, and you can’t take your heart off it. (i.e. if it’s not meaningless social media or stalking your ex. Lol!). If it has value or can produce value; don’t overlook that! If you are asking questions about a big idea, or an industry, or a market, or a person —- follow that trail!

5. Revelation Knowledge: You wake up with a distinct instruction from the Lord, a vision of the night has been repeated again and again, you caught a Word from the Scriptures or your heart picked a definite assignment, DO IT!!! WORK ON IT!! MOVE TOWARD IT!!
This is how people transform their own lives.
Quit being regular!
Quit overthinking things!
Be more in tune and in touch with your Inner Wonder!
Your Heartbeat has a Compass.

So this week, I want you to ask : “What is my HEART trying to TELL me?” Be still, and write out your insights.

I love you and really thank you for letting me share my life with you! Have a beautiful week ahead!

written by DDK

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