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How I Got Over My Fear of Lack

I held my ATM card in my hands as I sat in my car in the parking lot of the supermarket

I was literally shaking and couldn’t move.

I couldn’t explain why I was feeling this way because I had never experienced anything like this before.

I got into the car to drive to the supermarket , from my house, to buy some things I needed, yet here I was sitting in my car in the parking lot

shaking and not able to go into the supermarket to purchase what I needed

It took a while but I finally figured it out, I was afraid.

I had stepped out of my 9-5 job that year and taking on some consulting projects. This was supposed to be great because, technically, I still had a source of income.

What wasn’t great, however, was the fact that the pay was not as regular as the monthly pay that comes with working at a 9-5 job

So here I was, afraid to spend what was in my bank account because I was not sure when the next inflow would hit my bank account. (Typically, when you consult, pay is tied to milestones that are not in your control or your client might just delay your fees)

This incident started a process for me.

I hated how I felt that day and I never wanted to feel that way again.

Overtime, I have studied more about fear and mindsets and now I know it was a scarcity mindset that kept me in my car in the supermarket parking lot.

The facts was, I wasn’t sure when the next income inflow would come but the truth is I gave up my power to take action on creating additional sources of income by giving in to fear

Fear holds you back. It paralyses your ability to see opportunities and create what you need to get out of a negative state.

This year is one for the history books. The Covid 19 pandemic is shaking economies worldwide and once again, I found myself wondering how to manage my finances this year

I had an amazing 2019 and came into 2020, goals blazing..boom..boom… literally

Alas, here we are; Corona Virus, drop in crude oil prices, economic uncertainty etc

With all that’s going on, It might seem difficult to understand but there’s one thing all successful people agree on – As a man thinks, so is he.

It’s not about what’s going on outside, It’s about what’s going on inside.

I remember finally gathering up courage to go into the supermarket to purchase what I came for that day and I made up mind I was going to change how I earn income.

This incident happened in 2018 and how I earn income has changed immensely since that time.

Today, all I see are massive opportunities for growth and more income even in the current economic volatility.

I just want to encourage you to become more aware and do an inventory of your thoughts today. Stuff the negative media and focus on what you want

Your mind is so powerful! It’s up to you to steer it towards your dreams. Don’t ever forget that!

Written by Tomie Balogun

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