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How to be a Productive Stay-At-Home Mom

Hello everyone, it’s your homegirl D’Crusader!!!

Today, I have a word for stay- at- home moms who tend to fall under the pressure of not doing enough, not being enough, or even the frustration of halting their career to “stay at home” with the children.

Now first, may I remind you that parenting in itself, especially in God’s way, is an assignment, a partnership, a responsibility. That in itself already means that you have an employer (God) and you are even a partner in an organization (Godly Parenting PLC #lol)

Remember the popular scripture, Hosea 4:6 – My people perish from a lack of knowledge; and the famous quote: When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable.

Many moms get drowned in pressure or feel “less productive” or not valuable because they either do not have a higher purpose for having to stay back at home, or they have forgotten that purpose because of distraction.

Staying at home for the children when put in proper perspective is actually “being in the house to directly monitor the proper growth of your children”. It is not to binge on Netflix or wallow in self pity. You are actually busy! So maybe the term is more of “Work- from- home” Moms than “stay- at- home” in the sense of just  sitting and “not doing anything”.

May I inform you that you are not less valuable than a person working a 9-5 job or running a business. Do you know that you can work from home, and be highly productive, effective and even offer more value working from home than some 9-5 persons?

It all starts from your mind, settling the fact that you are not less valuable or less  productive because you have to work within your home (which is family business sef).

After re-orienting yourself and understanding that working from home is an equally valuable job (especially if the family can afford it), there are a few other tips that you can leverage for maximum productivity, and motivation.

I will gist you about these tips in Part 2…

But wait first, before we go, let me give you an insight into the value of this Stay/Work from home matter. Now that the world is on lockdown and almost everybody has to work from home (including 9-5 folks), can you see how some Moms have been “stressing” over having their children at home or earnestly praying for everything to get back to normal, so that the children can go back to school? That should give you an insight as to how taxing and valuable having to work from home is.

For Stay- at- home Moms that have been doing it right, this is the time to organize a masterclass on “How to effectively work with your children at home” #lol.

So Watch Out for Part 2!!! See ya!

Wriiten by D’Crusader

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