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Itunuoluwa, the deep lover

We are so excited to introduce our super interesting member spotlight guest for today. Her name is *drum rolls*  Itunuoluwa Omotayo.

She currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

She is an Educational Consultant/Trainer at 3004 Consulting Company and  ED at MapleLife Foundation.

On the side, she’s a Writer and Transformational Coach for young people (Teenagers and Adolescents).

She’s about to launch her first book – This Child: Consciously Raising Exceptional Children.

It is an expository book for parents to have a better insight into what goes on at different stages in a child’s life; and how to address and/or relate with them at each stage based on a greater insight. It also exposes certain issues within the home that parents should pay more attention to.

Ladies, you gotta watch out for this one.

Itunuoluwa was born on the 30th April. And you will not believe her reason for saying her birth month is special. Lol!

Here is her reason: Number 1 fest of fest DDK is an April born…#Lobatan. Can special possibly come in a better package? 

If your birth month isn’t April, sorry oo. Lol!

She belongs to the CONTRIBUTE Squad ( All CONTRIBUTE Squad members, gather here for a selfie)

We asked her what her favourite Inner Circle Course was. Here’s what she had to say:

It’s difficult to refer to one course as my favorite. Every Inner Circle Course I have taken has pierced right through my life to deal with different issues and bring me outstanding results.

However, I recently took the course- Manufacture your Motivation, and one of the key results of my experience with that course is that this book that I have had on lock down for a time period I am not even proud to say, is finally going to be out in a couple of weeks.

I have come to believe that you will surely find an Inner Circle course that can address any area of your life where you need good and timely wisdom.  

We also asked her what are expectations were as an Inner Circle member. Here is what she said:

To continue growing and keep launching higher versions of myself at every stage. To become better groomed and equipped to do and be all that God had purposed

Here are some super fun facts about Itunuoluwa:

I am a deep lover. If I love you, you’re in for it. I’m not gonna let you go so easily.

Best Colors- Orange/Green.

Best food: Changes every morning.

I zip-lined over a thick forest (I shan’t try it again).

I am the human last born of our house (We’ve got so many dogs, and we add our surname of their names, so I dont know who the actual last born is again)


Her best food legit changes every morning. lol! If you can relate to this, kindly drop a comment so Itunu knows she’s not alone.


Who else noticed how Itunu is the last born of the month April (30th of April), and the human last born of her house? We did. Lol!

And that will be all for now.

A big shout out to Itunuoluwa for doing this with us. We are so proud of you! We love your awesome smile too!



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