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Juanita: The Foodie

Ladies, we are happy to announce to you that our spotlight for this week turns on Juanita Ereba, the foodie. *drum rolls*

Her name is Juanita Ereba.

She currently resides in Edo State, Nigeria.

She is a final year student and also runs a non-profit organization.

This phenomenal lady is also the Founder and Creative Director of Jatz Kouture.

Her coaching squad is CREATE ( All Create Squad members can give a shout out here. lol!)

We asked her what her favorite course in the Inner Circle was. Here is what she had to say:

The Acceleration Intensive video courses and the Magic Wand video course and I love them because they were my first insight into the possibilities that lay in the Immerse Inner Circle and seeing how DDK and the other ladies were giving answers to questions I have had in my heart for so long was like God was literally speaking to me.

I felt like I found where I belonged through each video course, and the mind limitations I battled were confronted as I watched DDK dissect mind limitations I didn’t even realize were limitations. Then the video courses with Funto, Olori-Boye, and the other amazing women was like being injected with fresh fire, zeal, passion, courage and so much more to embrace and work towards becoming all I was created to be. The Magic Wand was like it says magical… Lol

How awesome was that?

We also asked her what are expectations were as an Inner Circle member. Here is what she said:

To Evolve and Grow exponentially and fully be aligned to my purpose. To become a balanced multi-influential woman that can be a light to other women as these amazing women have been a light to me. To fully be a God woman and still win tremendously in life without trading the things most important to me.

Here are some fun facts about Juanita:

I am a foodie. Blue is my favorite color and I believe life should be enjoyed.

I love reading and singing as well. I am a gister when I get comfortable with people.

And that will be all for now. A big shout out to Juanita for doing this with us. We are so proud of you.

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