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Just Before You Cut Off That Relationship

Hey Sister Girl,

Wait a minute before you cut them all off!

In today’s parlance, “to cut off” means to sever, to do away with, to stay away from, to disengage and to break up/break away.

In the new and fashionable, though genuine search for self-identity, and protection of our personal space and peace, have we become grossly intolerant of other people’s need for time, space and how much they need help to grow?

According to theological and psychological research, forgiveness is a preventive antidote to many illnesses, and patience is the ability to remain calm in stressful situations/events. Patience adverts many costly errors.

There will be many stressful events in our friendships, relationships and communal interactions. It demands that we be patient, tolerant and mindful of other people’s need as we simultaneously work at protecting our peace and personal space.

God has laid the commands by which we must live as believers to please Him. We are called to walk in the forgiveness and mercy we have also received from God.

When you are able to forgive the wrong of a friend, the hurt of betrayal from a family member, the disappointment from that person you assumed a confidant and the neglect from people who should truly care for you; you are only able to do so with the help of the Holy Spirit.

God’s forgiveness of your own private and public misgivings is a reminder of how patient He has been and will continue to be with you.

I strongly advocate protecting and defending your peace and personal space. But I am also aware you can do so without losing the community you need and you should build.

By all means, and in every sane way, keep out of your space anyone who has repeatedly expressed in glaring ways  ‘envy, jealousy and strife’ towards you and yours.

These emotions strangle peace, stifle joy, pollute your space and can allow demonic activities gain subtle entrance into your affairs. Demons wait to act upon  a wrong yet justified response from you to the malevolent emotions of envy, jealousy and strife.

So, just before you “cut off” that friend, colleague, neighbor and cousin, I implore you to spend a ten percent allocation of God’s patience and forgiveness towards you. Give a tithe of God’s patience and forgiveness towards you to someone else today.


I remain your lady,

Written by Radiante!

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